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‘America First, Russia Also First, and Serbia First After That’ — Experts Agree That Serbia Has Best Trump Video

"Just in case you want to bomb us again, this is us on the map". Oh Serbia.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

It's official: Europe is spending more money on making satirical appeals to Donald Trump than they are on NATO fees. (We are okay with this, by the way.)

The craze began with a very well-done video by a Dutch comedy show. Until five minutes ago, our personal favorite was "America first, Czech Republic FIFTY FIRST!"


Then we saw Serbia's appeal.

We consulted with anonymous experts located at our office in Moscow, and they all agreed that Serbia takes the Trump cake. The Serbs somehow managed to insult NATO, all of Europe, Trump, Bill Clinton, and basically everyone and everything that is not Serbia (aside from Putin), and still make it very funny. Dare we say — almost charming?

Here it is:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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