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America Is Like the Old Catholic Church - RT Is Her Martin Luther

A brief comparison of religious rebellion in 16th century Europe and the nascent political rebellion of the 21st century ...

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It was in October 1517, exactly 500 years ago, that he nailed his famous list of complaints to the cathedral door ...

In the early 16th century a revolution in consciousness occurred that would have profound implications for the future of Europe. The revolution began in Holland and would spread to Germany where Martin Luther began a rebellion against the religious establishment.  

In the 16th C. social consciousness was religious in nature whereas nowadays social  consciousness is primarily  political in nature. The Church - or more accurately the Holy Roman Empire - ruled over a large area of Europe by means of mind control. That is - what people thought was dictated by religious dogma communicated on a regular basis by the Church. Information and truth came via priests creating the narrative of the time just as mainstream journalists act as the voice of authority and truth nowadays.

In Europe, beliefs, values and ideas were largely unquestioned for centuries. Those who did question were easily dealt with. That changed when Erasmus and Luther not only questioned the authority of the dogma, but became popular in the process.

The rebellion continues ...

Their private ideas and beliefs became  public  because of a new technology called "books". In the 21st century RT has become popular because of a new technology called "the Internet"

Greed, arrogance and corruption had led to the moral decline of the Catholic Church and Holy Roman Empire.  

In Holland, Erasmus had criticized the establishment at the time. He pointed out the failures of the Church in maintaining its original purpose and high moral standing.

Erasmus was attacked by the establishment as a vile propagandist with poisonous ideas. In the present time RT is accused of disseminating crude propaganda.

RT has taken on the role of Erasmus in exposing the corruption and hypocrisy within the new Holy Roman Empire.

The truth is Erasmus was attacked NOT because he was a crude propagandist, but because his criticisms were valid and on target. Like RT, Erasmus became popular because his criticisms resonated with a large section of the population many of whom could clearly see how corrupt and greedy Church officials had become.

The attempt to censor the voice of Luther and Erasmus is eerily similar to how RT has been shut down and left out.

The authorities attempted to prevent people from reading his books just as America is trying to prevent people from watching RT nowadays.

Luther was excommunicated in 1521 and almost 500 years later RT has been forced to list itself as a conduit for"foreign agents" essentially excommunicating RT from the news producing community operating in America.  

Luther and Erasmus were accused of  something called "heresy" By definition this means an opinion or  doctrine at variance with established religious beliefs, especially dissension from or denial of Roman Catholic dogma. Substitute "political" for "religious" and you get the idea.

Erasmus and Luther were religious dissenters; RT and Sputnik are voices of political dissent.

Dissent is a form of disobedience and it is the spark that ignites rebellions. RT and other alternative voices are at the forefront of a new wave of consciousness.

And there is no dam capable of holding it back.    

The historical irony is that the 16th century revolution in Europe would eventually lead to the creation of a republic  called America which over time evolved into an Empire  The new revolution in consciousness will eventually bring about the downfall of this new corrupt and arrogant Empire fundamentally because the Internet is mightier than the sword.    

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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