America Is 'Arrogant, Divided' - Russian Ambassador Kislyak

"There’s no evidence of our influence, and there will be none. ... and they know it."

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Well-known to the US public because of his central role in Russiagate, the former ambassador dropped some truth bombs last week.

Usually known for his tact and general bonhomie, he pointed out the obvious, and his words reflect the general thinking in the Russian government.

They see the US as a friend who is going through a difficult period, verging on psychosis, and Kislyak explained that this all started during the Obama administration and has only gotten worse under Trump.

Video Transcript:


We met with the current member of the Federation Council, who was, until recently, Russia's ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak. An important detail is in the fact that Sergey Ivanovich spent so many years in America that he sometimes uses English words in a Russian way. For example, when he said arrogantniye about the US. This word comes from the English word "arrogant."

Our Alexander Balitsky talked with him at Valdai:


What is now happening in the United States, I mean the story with flags, is it a new round of escalation or a continuation of what already existed?

Sergey Kislyak:

I think this is a continuation of the same arrogance, the same policy that was followed even before the current administration, but now it’s even more strong.

What's next? Where is the way out?

I think our relationship doesn’t end there, and there are many things that we need to talk about, and we will. But, of course, we won’t forget this, it’ll remain in the history of the relations between our countries as a rainy day in terms of what the Americans are doing with regard to Russia.

These are, in fact, some internal disagreements in the administration. What’s the reason?

These are not the disagreements in the administration, these are the disagreements in the US because if you follow the domestic life in America, you’ll see that now almost everyone is fighting with everyone.

And the relations with Russia is one of the conflicting points. But still, there’s been no evidence of our influence. And there will be none. We don’t do such things. And they know it.

Thank you.

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