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The Amazing Implosion of Ukraine's PM Yatsenyuk

Support for PM Yatsenyuk's People's Front party has slipped to a pitiful 3%

new round of polling by the professional and usually reliable Kiev International Institute of Sociology is just out. It reveals something which is at the same time expected and extraordinary. Support for the major party of the governing coalition has shrunk to a pitiful 2.8%.

Where in the first parliamentary elections in post-Maidan Ukraine held last year in October Yatsenyuk's People's Front received 22% of all the votes cast - polling shows that just nine months later the party only retains a fraction of that. 

If elections were held today the party would actually fail to clear the 5% census required to take seats in the assembly.

Moreover the biggest beneficiary of 'People's Front' implosion so far has been the 'Fatherland' party which previously barely passed the electoral census, but would currently stand to win some 27% of the votes cast. 

'Fatherland', mind you, is led by Yulia Timoshenko whose political fortunes had appeared to be finished once and for all after the implosion of the Orange Revolution - but it seems Yatsenyuk has managed to do the impossible and make Timoshenko look good by comparison.

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