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The Alt-Right Is the Antidote to the Neocon Warmongering Against Russia

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Why the Alt-Right believes reconciliation between Russia and the West is the only sensible approach.

The roles of the United States and Russia have changed in the world following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

But this changed role has NOT been reflected in any substantial change in US foreign policy. Despite a brief period of optimism in the 90’s Russo-American relations have been strained for awhile now. And while there have been ups and downs in the relationship, reset buttons pushed and moments of hope…

The relationship can be characterized as rocky at best. But why do the changes inherent in post-Soviet Russia seem to be ignored by Washington and much of the West? Many critically thinking Americans pose the same question and wonder why the United States and Russia seem locked in yet another de facto Cold War.

Image icon putin_and_bush_pals.jpg
Alas, it was not to be...

The Alt-Right offers a unique perspective on this pressing question, and it’s one that is not just shared by a few blogs on the internet, but by the Republican party nominee, past paleo-con conservative contenders, and libertarian mavericks.

In fact, it is actually the Right- in its various dissident forms- that has been willing to give Russia a fair hearing for many years now, not the supposedly liberal and peace-loving Left. But the voice of the right, arguing for temperance and friendship between the United States and Russia, has been silenced by both the GOP and Democratic party establishment (who are hardly different in this regard) and a clique of vocal party insiders that have no desire to pursue better relations with Russia.

I am referring of course, to the Neo-Conservatives.

Their school of thought came to the limelight during the run up to the Iraq war, and the Bush administration, but really the Neo-Cons have been an influential tribal voice in American politics for quite some time now, working through lobbies, think- tanks and talking heads on Television. 
Image icon wulf.jpg
Exhibit A

The name (((Neo-Con))) suggest an affinity with conservatism, but that is a misnomer at best. Few know that the Neo-Cons are in fact, predominantly ex-Soviets, who fled after Stalin came to power and came to the United States. This school of thought was in fact founded by former Trotskyites, purged by Stalin who managed to quickly incorporate themselves into American political life.

Despite their questionable backgrounds, they were incorporated into American politics and came to dominate the policies of both the Republican and (by Obama’s term) the Democratic party. Donald Trump’s policies are a repudiation of theirs, and are a chance for the United States to start pursuing a new non-confrontational foreign policy with Russia. Hillary on the other hand, has already received the heart-felt endorsement of this “silent government.”

So why do the Neo-Cons hate Russia so much?

Gregory Hood over at Radix Journal offers a succinct explanation.

“Russia is the one powerful white government that is not completely under the rule of the bankers and politically correct bureaucrats that rule the West.”

Or as Occidental Dissent elaborates:

“Indeed, Russia is the last fully sovereign European-derived nation. Sovereignty exists in all spheres or not at all. Whatever one thinks of them, the Russians are indeed militarily, economically, geopolitically, culturally, and indeed psychologically sovereign like no other.”

The Alt-Right has rejected the false narrative peddled by the Regressive Left - whose main quarrel with Putin seems to be his stand against homosexual marriage and gay pride parades- AND the Neo-Cons on the False Right. Meanwhile, as the drums of war have started to reach a crescendo against Russia, we are witnessing the twin head of International Trotskyism- Cultural Marxism- rearing up and taking over all the cultural institutions at home in the West.

The Cultural Marxism that has permeated the West, is actively resisted by Putin’s Russia. Which raises the ire of the commissars, who mobilize the useful idiots on both the Left and the Right in a global public opinion war against Russia. Any yet, despite all this, there is a very real feeling of Native discontent at the state-sanctioned propaganda machine aimed at its own populace. Put simply, the Neo-cons and the Cultural Marxists are part of the same hydra of Leftist-Internationalist thought. In fact, the Cultural Marxist Left in its current manifestation in the West is nothing new, but rather the exact same subversive set of ideas transplanted from the worst years of Revolutionary Russia into the United States and much of the West.

Which makes the following sentiment articulated by Bowden and espoused on the Alt-Right, particularly enlightening on the situation that the West finds itself in.

"And yet everywhere one looks the soft Left, the Left untainted by communist atrocity, is everywhere apparent and appears to be everywhere triumphant…The trick that the soft Left has learned is that if you disavow the hard edge of Leftist slaughter and Siberian camps and Stasi prison cells and you instead excel in the polymorphous rebellions of Herbert Marcuse and the student Left of the 1960s, you can actually influence the whole soft spectrum from the moderate Right, through the Center, through the Center-Left, through the general-Left/generic-Left, through the soft Left, up to the softest accretions of the hard Left and to the moderate-hard Left. An enormous spectrum—two-thirds of the political spectrum—can be influenced by Marxist ideas shorn of their hard-edge Stalinist and Maoist filters."

We live in the aftermath of this Gramscian infiltration. Dazed and confused, the American public has stumbled into the Brave New American Century and is only now starting to wake up to the reality of the takeover of America that has occurred.

Modern historians and political commentators will tell you that a period of profound demoralization hit Russia and many of the former Soviet Republics following the collapse of the USSR. One has to ask, if the West is not now going through the same stage in its own history. Perhaps it’s a little far-fetched, and the time has not yet come to panic…Either way, the Alt-Right will continue to do what it does best: crash the establishment narrative, with no survivors!

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