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Alt-Media Flock to STEEMIT, Where Free Speech is Guaranteed (and Paid) by Blockchain

As Facebook cranks up the censorship, it is in the process of being replaced by new technologies

Editor's Note: Russia Insider will also start publishing on STEEMIT in the coming days.

Media Surge

In recent days, and weeks, the alternative media community on Steemit has surged to new heights with a flood of new converts.


Among those finding a new home on the platform are journalists, researchers and activists with established name recognition and fan bases from multiple platforms.

Shifting Tides

Longtime Steemians who've been involved in politics, research,citizen journalism, and independent media in various forms have been patiently awaiting for this day to arrive. Now that this day's finally here, we're beside ourselves with the speed in which this is taking place with the addition of high quality content producers, writers and media personalities.

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This has been a long time coming and a wide range of Steemians have played their part in bringing about this monumental shift across platforms. More on that in a moment.

Fresh Recruits

One of the newest additions to the Steemit community is Suzie Dawson, @suzi3d, who made quite a splash in her first interactions on the truth-politics-conspiracy channel in the MSP Discord ruffling a few feathers with her passionate and intense defense of Wikileaks. @suzi3d has been a lightening rod for intense debate on the channel but she's also been an exceptional promoter of the Steemit platform since day one, cross promoting the Steem blockchain throughout Twitter and Facebook to anyone who will listen.

Suzie played an instrumental roll in recruiting a number of high-profile figures in independent media circles. She gives much credit to @an0nkn0wledge for his tireless efforts to get her to join Steemit for more than a year. Let's show some love to some exciting new Steemians.

Suzie Dawson   suzi3d  — Steemit.png

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@suzi3d - Citizen Journalist / Internet Party New Zealand

Suzie now lives in political exile in Moscow because of her political activism in regards to the 5-Eyes(government spy network) yet continues to produce
her citizen journalism from Russia. She has worked closely with founder KimDotCom to foster the Internet Party of New Zealand into a political force.

Suzie currently hosts a live dig of the Snowden leaks with her journalistic counterpart @elizbethleavos (Disobedient Media) titled: Decipher You (Finding the Hidden Gems in the Snowden Files) You can check out Episode 8 right here on DTube: out her website - Follow Suzie on Twitter: @Suzi3D

As I've already mentioned above, Suzi3d is a one woman Steemit promotion machine and she assures me that this is just the beginning.

Show your support for independent media on Steemit by following and supporting @suzi3d
and the wonderful people she's bringing to the Steemit platform.

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suzie tweet steem1.jpeg

New Blood

In no particular order, here are some of the fine journalists Suzie has brought, and in one case brought back, to Steemit.

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Caitlin Johnstone   caitlinjohnstone  — Steemit.png

@caitlinjohnstone - Rogue Journalist

Caitlin joined Steemit many moons ago but received little attention for her firebrand of journalism. This was also around the time that I joined Steemit and this point in time marked the beginning of a low point on the platform as well, you may recall. This time round, @caitlinjohnstone has come out guns blazing with several blistering pieces including one that was retweeted by Wikileaks' Twitter account garnering over 19,000 views in 2 days.

Wikileaks Twitter Followers: 5.5 million

WikiLeaks on Twitter   WikiLeaks Has Published Leaks On Trump Admin And Russia  And Is Seeking More https jvgflbGwGb (1).png

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You can also find her work at her website -

On medium -

On Twitter - @caitoz

Twitter Followers: 24,000

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Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter   Come get a Steemit account. It takes a few days to verify but once you re in you re in  and it s where all the cool kids are playing now.… https VfSrR0yrdX .png

@leecamp - Redacted Tonight

lee-camp-comedy.jpg   Pittsburgh City Paper

This man needs no introduction. He's kind of a big deal. If there's one thing Steemit could use more of, it's humor. Lee only just joined Steemit a couple of days ago so be patient while he learns the ropes. He has managed to upload a profile picture and that's progress. We're all extremely excited to have Lee here and looking forward to what he has in store for the Steemit community! Lee is already planning on uploading future Redacted Tonight episodes to DTube.

You can catch @leecamp and Redacted Tonight on RT and on Youtube

On Twitter - @LeeCamp

Twitter Followers: 150,000


Elizabeth Lea Vos   elizbethleavos  — Steemit(1).png

@elizbethleavos -Editor in Chief of Disobedient Media

Having the editor and chief of Disobedient Media on Steemit a real treat. As was mentioned, Elizabeth Vos co-hosts the live Decipher You
Snowden files and produces original in-depth reporting on political issues at the Disobedient Media. On a personal level, I'm super excited to have Elizabeth here as I've cited her work in some of my own research posted to Steemit and feel that her work will be well received by the community.

Elizabeth recently penned an incredible piece on child trafficking on Disobedient Media and reposted it to Steemit, well worth your time.

Elizabeth Lea Vos on Twitter   Victim s Testimony Reveals Establishment Connected East Coast Trafficking Network https 9LJkRZhDqD .png

Vitctim's Testimony Reveals Establishment Connected East Coast Trafficking Network

Find her work at:

On Twitter: @ElizabethleaVos

Twitter Followers: 7,000

More Media - More Anti-Media

Although Suzie Dawson is not responsible for bringing The Anti-Media to Steemit, she's just as excited as I am about the evolving independent media presence on the blockchain.

Anti Media   antimedia  — Steemit.png


Another thrilling addition to the Steemit platform is the Anti-Media which I've followed for a few years now as a trusted source of the latest in political analysis and news. Here's the Anti-Media's introductory post on Steemit: Full Steem Ahead: Anti-Media Joins Steemit Revolution

Last month the Anti-Media's Editor in Chief @careywelder also joined Steemit.

Here's Carey's introductory post:

Be sure to drop by Anti-Media's official site:

On Twittter: @AntiMedia

Twitter Followers 46,000

Steemit Community

The Steemit community has given these writers a warm reception on the block and deserves a lot of credit in preparing the ground work to allow this media revolution to take place.

I want to take a moment to recognize a few Steemians who have dedicated a lot of blood sweat and tears to make this a reality. Quite a number of regular steemians are involved with helping out the new recruits learn the ropes, answer questions and give advice on Discord. Also people who're following, upvoting, and resteeming these new recruits AND already existing Steemians of the Independent Media present on the block, your efforts are much appreciated.

@ausbitbank -legendary legend - Has selflessly delegated sp to some of the new recruits to help ease the transition

@aggroed and everyone at the Minnow Support Project who have created such a wonderful ecosystem a huge thanks.

@fulltimegeek - A lot of people don't realize how much work has been done behind the scenes by this man to actively recruit talent to the Steemit platform. Heroic efforts!

@an0nkn0wledge - For bringing Suzie to the platform and for all your investigative work. Fantastic stuff.

@titusfrost - For bringing an0nkn0wledge here and many more including myself!

@frankbacon - More behind the scenes promotion of Stemmit across platforms, well done man!

@jamesc@benjojo and @thejohalfiles - for supporting the entire community.

and everyone from the Discord Truth-conspiracy-politics channel who are making the channel what it is.

The Current State of Indy Media on Steemit

There are already a large presence of Indy Media content producers on Steemit that I also would like to thank for paving the way for this snowball effect we're seeing today.

@corbettreport@pressfortruth@lukewearechange@dbroze@joshsigurdson@theouterlight@activistpost@tftproject@highimpactflix@adamkokesh@dotivoluntarily@tlavagabond@lifttheveil411@reallygraceful@sgtreport@ura-soul@valued-customer@baah@kafkanarchy84@canadian-coconut@teamsteem@rebelskum@sarahabed@clarityofsignal@johnnyvibes@jockey@chron@richq11@ramengirl@stevecoins@wakeupnd@defango@tyrannyunmasked@bulleth@wakeupworldnews@thatsnumberwang@jimbobbill@gomeravibz@rhondak@gmuxx@discordiant@crimsonclad@techslut@blakesmile84@tarazkp@mammasitta@acidyo@jrcornel@markwhittam@kevinwong@jaki01@dan@patricklancaster, ...

(I sincerely apologize if I've forgotten anyone here, I'll add a few names I know I'm forgetting atm)

Together we've built up a healthy community here on Steemit. Let's continue to work together to not only grow censorship resistant content but also to usher in a new paradigm in social media where content creators are not beholden to advertising dollars.

These are exciting times right now. I think we have an amazing opportunity to build a thriving community of TRULY independent journalism, research and open thought.

Peace, V



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