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All You Wanted to Know About Russia's Arms Export in One Infographic

The world's armory - Since 2000 Russia has exported $115 billion worth of arms to 116 different countries

Originally appeared at Russia Beyond the Headlines

Today, Russian companies' total order backlog in the sphere of military and technical cooperation with foreign countries exceeds $50 billion, Rosoboronexport's CEO Anatoly Isaikin told journalists in late October 2015.

He also said that when the company was founded in 2000, the bulk of the export of Russian military equipment went to only two countries – India and China.

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As of today, the company cooperates with 70 countries, while Russia exports more than $13 billion of weapons per year, with only the United States ahead in this regard ($17 billion).

This portfolio will help Russia to hold onto second place in global arms exports with a market share of 27 percent (only the United States has more – 29 percent) over the next 5-7 years, Isaikin said.

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