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NYT Mocks PizzaGate as Impossible, But Its CEO Covered up Jimmy Savile Scandal

The former BBC director who tried to keep decades of child abuse under wraps is now CEO of the New York Times — an outspoken defender of elites implicated in PizzaGate

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This is not an article attempting to support or debunk the claims made by the popular "PizzaGate" theory which, despite censorship on platforms such as Reddit and YouTube, continues to gain traction. Although yes, we plan on "going there", just not right now.

Instead, we would simply like to remind our dear readers that selecting "all the news that's fit to print" is by no means an exercise in objectivity.

<figcaption>Friends in high places</figcaption>
Friends in high places

The New York Times has now run numerous stories in an attempt to debunk PizzaGate and shame anyone who thinks such a theory could even be possible.

The claims made by PizzaGate are serious and deserve close scrutiny. But is the New York Times really the correct outlet for an impartial investigation into an elite pedo ring?

While the Times has reached out to those implicated in the theory for their comments and retorts — standard operating procedure for any competent journalist — it's important to remember that the CEO of the fabled newspaper is none other than Mark Thompson, the former BBC director who "lied" during the Jimmy Savile investigation, and is at least partly to blame for allowing a monster like Savile to operate within the BBC for so long "undetected".

15 years ago, anyone who alleged that the BBC was covering up widespread child abuse would have been called a nutter.

Not so nutty today, is it?

Let's just come out and say it: If Mark Thompson was willing to help cover up disgusting crimes that were committed within his own organization, why would we think twice about trusting the NYT when it comes to something like PizzaGate?

And we love how the word "conspiracy" is used as a derogatory term to describe the theory. Sort of like the conspiracy to cover up Savile's unspeakable crimes, a conspiracy in which Mark was a leading participant?

It's a contentious subject. We are, by good breeding, diametrically opposed to witch hunts. But why such an insane overreaction by the government and media, if it's just a dumb, baseless theory? The internet is full of wild claims. Did you know that Obama is a reptile from outer space? The internet says so. But the New York Times, along with Hillary Clinton, doesn't seem to give a hoot. And they shouldn't.

There's something going on here, friends. Discuss.

P.S. Mark Thompson's newspaper is a crime against the written word.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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