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Alex Jones' Petition to Sit Next to Jim Acosta at White House Needs 43K Names by Dec. 17 - Sign Now!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The petition needs 100K signatures within a month. It has gotten 56K signatures within 2 weeks. This is easily doable folks - please sign this thing now! The entire RI staff did. For one thing, Jones is great on Russia - he gets it. (Only American citizens can sign).

But more importantly, it’s time for Americans to speak out against this ridiculous censorship from the left - censorship which hits Russia Insider, among many others, very strongly.

<figcaption>Jones strolling into his first White House press briefing</figcaption>
Jones strolling into his first White House press briefing

Alex Jones is every bit as legitimate of a reporter as Jim Acosta. If Jim Acosta can have the law defend his right to “freedom of the press” and access the White House press briefing, so too should Alex Jones.

Rising conservative YouTuber Steve Turley makes a great case why everyone who cares about media freedom should sign:

From Infowars:

Sign the petition here

Launched after the Office of the Press Secretary reinstated CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass, which was previously revoked over a spat with a White House intern, the petition further asks that Jones be sat directly next to Acosta:

“Let Alex Jones have press credentials and a permanent seat next to Jim Acosta!”

While the petition’s requests are mainly tongue in cheek, they serve the greater purpose of highlighting the mainstream media’s free speech double standard.

Corporate outlets cried foul when the White House legally revoked Acosta’s press pass, but the same media complex that rushed to his defense also helped de-platform Infowars, essentially placing CNN’s First Amendment right over Alex Jones’.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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