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Pizzagate is Back: Ben Swann Disappears - Alex Jones, Joe Rogan Blow The Lid

If this doesn’t convince you, you might have a learning disorder

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The CBS reporter who blew the Pizzagate story wide open two weeks ago, after it had gone quiet since Alex Jones dropped it one month ago, has disappeared from the internet, leaving a cryptic message, causing a tidal wave of interest on the web.  

On the same day as Swann's entire internet presence went dark, Jones picks up the story again.

<figcaption>An absolute must watch</figcaption>
An absolute must watch

Pizzagate refers to the latest scandal of the organized pedophile ring in Washington and beyond, recently exposed by WikiLeaks, notably the Podesta emails and the numerous obvious connections to pedophilia; taking it's name from Comet Pizza, which is owned by Tony Podesta.

Jones and Rogan spend a solid 35 minutes dissecting all the major aspects of the story airing some of the most damning evidence there is, and it is overwhelming.

The Joe Rogan Experience Video/Podcast #911 (2/1/2016)

Pizzagate is from 8:20 - 42:14  (~35 min)


The Pizzagate story in order:

  • WikiLeaks publishes numerous emails containing both explicit and nonexplicit references to pedophilia
  • Connections are made between Comet Pizza in Washington, both Tony and John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and Anthony Weiner (among many others)
  • The internet is inundated with undeniable connections between pedophilia and Pizzagate
  • Alex Jones pounced as expected. Joe Biggs does a special report for Infowars and launches investigation
  • Lone gunman walks into Comet Pizza to investigate
  • Mainstream Media responds in concert, points to the lone gunman and says “Pizzagate” conspiracy is not true, and extremely dangerous, accusing Alex Jones as the prime instigator
  • Megyn Kelly for Fox News does actual fake news story, taking Alex Jones’ quote out of context amounting to a verified lie
  • Joe Biggs suddenly drops investigation and unceremoniously leaves Infowars
  • Alex Jones announces he’s dropping Pizzagate  (December 15th)
  • Infowars removes prior coverage of Pizzagate from its website and youtube channels
  • Sniper assasinates two finish reporters allegedly for Pizzagate investigation
  • The internet goes ablaze with speculation that the pedos are getting to Jones and others
  • Pizza Gate fades away…
  • CBS’s Ben Swann does a Reality Check segment on Pizzagate that goes viral (January 17th)
  • CBS removes Ben Swann's Reality Check segment on Pizzagate
  • Ben Swann disappears from internet, leaving cryptic message.  His Twitter, Facebook page, website, and Youtube channel are taken down. (Feb 1st)
  • Alex Jones goes on Joe Rogan’s show and blows the story wide open again with the two going into devastating detail. (Feb 1st)

This video is just an overview of some of the more prominent evidences that we have so far, for one of the most detailed crowdsourced investigations see here


Key points from Jones and Rogan:

  • Re why Jones dropped the story, in summary: After Megyn Kelly’s hit piece, it was clear to Jones that the pedos were not going down without a fight and they would run fake news, after fake news smearing Jones as their strategy. It seems Jones decided that it wasn’t worth it.
  • Jones believes Andrew Breitbart’s death was from poisoning after exposing Podesta and Weiner. He points out Anthony Weiner is now facing charges for child pornography. Also note, Andrew Breitbart's coronor was found dead from arsenic poisoning within hours of the release of the preliminary autopsy report of Breitbart.
  • They note that just yesterday 474 were arrested in CA child-trafficking sting
  • It should be pointed out that Pizzagate broke during the Clinton Campaign and is directly tied to both Hillary and Bill so they also had motive to silence Jones. Also consider that the timing of Jones to suddenly start covering Pizzagate again comes just days after Trump gets in office - coincidence?


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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