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Alex Jones BOMBSHELL: Wikileaks, Others Threatening Obama with Brutal Leaks

"The hammer is over your head right now, make one last move that's wrong - it's ALL going to be released on you."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

On Tuesday of last week, Alex Jones, explained that what he was about to release was one of the most important things he has reported ever!

He then said that multiple sources, Wikileaks included, are now issuing actual threats to Obama, Hillary and company: that (more) devastating data will be released if they don't stop these last ditch efforts to discredit Trump, and cause general havoc with the incoming administration.

<figcaption>The hammer is over your head - right now</figcaption>
The hammer is over your head - right now

Must watch 2 min clip:

Jones is in top form here, and if you still don't understand why this guy has become perhaps the most influential single media personality in the US, this is well worth your 2 minutes.  It is extremely entertaining television.

An RI source recently provided us with YouTube analytics, unavailable to the public, verifying that the "The Alex Jones" YouTube channel (which is only 1 of his 15) is in fact bigger than CNN's main YouTube channel.

Jones says that Wikileaks told him a year ago that they were strategically holding back the most damaging data for if and when the Hillary camp actually managed to steal the election.

Jones even divulges two of the data dumps, and they are huge:

1. Proof of how Hillary in fact attempted to steal the presidential election.

2. Obama, Hillary, and Kerry ON TAPE discussing the creation of ISIS including what to name it.  

Jones claims that behind the scenes all manner of evil is still being planned to undermine Trump; and in epic response, official threats are now being made to stand down once and for all. 

Our readers will notice that we have been covering Alex Jones more and more lately. Why? The answer is simple. Alex Jones is simply dead on target with his analysis and especially with Russia. Love him or hate him, it's a fact, and he has done more than anyone to wake Americans up to the idea that Russia is not the evil boogey-man the mainstream media make it out to be.

Alex Jones has become an invaluable resource; not to mention that he's plugged into probably more top level legitimate sources that anyone. He's gotten so big now, he may as well be considered mainstream at this point.

Our biggest criticism is that he puts out a 4 hour show 6 days a week, which of course is an impossible amount of information. That's where we come in.

Behold the value of news aggregation.  

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And here's Tuesday's full show: Start around the 29 minute mark for the bit about how a bunch of people have very damaging info they are threatening to bomb Obama and co with.  Follow this Youtube channel to get the full show without commercials.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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