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Aleppo Battle Is Over. Rebels and Family Members Are Being Bused Out. Infirm Shia Villagers Under Rebel Siege Allowed to Evacuate in Return

Thank god! Let's pray nothing interrupts the evacuations

Yesterday talks broke down between Aleppo rebels and the government and fighting was resumed. Today the situation is calm and the first evacuations of rebels and their families are already taking place.

Apparently yesterday talks broke down when the government side introduced the demand that rebels allow an evacuation of the besieged Fouah and Kafraya Shia enclave in Idlib province. Later on however agreement was reached on the basis of partial evacuation for Fouah and Kafraya for their ill and wounded civilians.

We can not say that the battle is truly over until the last rebel fighter has been bused out -- and lord knows any number of things could happen to scuttle the deal -- but with the evacuations actually taking place now the end is finally within grasp.

Foua & Kefraya:

Eastern Aleppo:

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence 5,000 rebels and their family members are to be evacuated from eastern Aleppo. The number of people to be evacuated from Foua & Kefraya: is not known but with 15 buses assigned to the task it should be at least 800, possibly many times that.

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