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Aleppo Battle Resumes After Government Demands Humanitarian Evacuation of Besieged Shia Villagers

Talks to evacuate Aleppo rebels broke down after loyalist camp introduced the demand to allow evacuation of besieged Shia civilians in Idlib province in turn

MSM are scum. First you've heard 250,000 east Aleppo civilians are being barrel bombed to death only to discover the truth is more like 60,000 civilians being held hostage by the 10,000 rebels including 4,000 al-Qaeda and Ahrar al-Sham.

Now as the hostage-taking al-Qaeda and friends are being eliminated you're hearing about "streets full of bodies" from all the child-killing that pro-government soldiers are doing. Except of course nobody is even pretending this is anything but repeating the shrillest claims of opposition propaganda departments and western fake news factories.

Just so we're clear this is the same media that won't tell you about the al-Fu’ah and Kafriya enclave, even now when it appears to be the reason why fighting has resumed and the last of the rebels are not being bused out.

Here is the story. Syrian government had repeatedly offered the encircled rebels in eastern Aleppo to be evacuated to the main-rebel held terrritory in Idlib province. The rebels in turn repeatedly declined the offer, but in recent days having been reduced to just a few city blocks have finally asked to be bused out. 

Being so late in the battle and the rebels on their last leg the loyalist camp figured it would be unconscionable to just let al-Qaeda and friends rejoin the fray in Idlib and demanded added concessions -- not for themselves but for civilians in the tiny, besieged al-Fu’ah and Kafriya enclave surrounded by the rebel mainland in Idlib.

As said al-Fu’ah and Kafriya is a small loyalist enclave of perhaps 15-20,000 people that is completely cut off. To its misfortune it is also Shia which means that to Salafist rebels its inhabitants aren't really human. Should its defenses ever be overrun by the suicide bombing fanatics attacking it its populace faces slaughter, slavery and forced conversion.

More than once the government has asked for them to be allowed to evacuate to safety of loyalist heartlands but rebels who think of them as sort of free range hostages have always declined. (Except for a very limited deal at the end of 2015 that saw some sick and injured civilians evacuated in exchange for a return of captured rebel fighters).

Keep in mind that on the contrary the Syrian government on multiple ocassions evacuated hundreds or thousands of pro-rebel civilians from small besieged enclaves to Idlib and went to great lengths to try and pull out civilians from eastern Aleppo.

Having thousands of rebels cornered in Aleppo the loyalist camp now wanted the rebels to free the embattled Shia in Idlib before they would themselves be bused out to rejoin the fray in Idlib. We don't know what happened next but we know that talks were called off an fighting resumed indicating that rebels did not agree.






Big western media seems to be on a permanent mission to tell the most shrill and atrocity-laden story of the Syrian war possible. So why is it ignoring an outrage such as al-Fu’ah and Kafriya that is both incredibly shocking and depressing and actually real? Unlike in eastern Aleppo al-Fu'ah and Kafriya are actually home to civilians who are not allowed to retreat and face slaughter should their pocket crumble.

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