After Trump Rips Merkel Kerry Suddenly Thinks US Officials Should Not 'Step Into' Politics of Other Countries

US Secretary of State undertakes a total transformation

Kerry told CNN it was "inappropriate" for Trump to criticize Merkel in interview to Bild because it means "stepping into the politics of other countries".


This would be the same Kerry who demanded the presidents of Syria step down, told Brits to vote against Brexit, picked the winner of post-election haggling in Afghanistan and paid tribute to anti-government rallies in Ukraine?? (To name only a few of the worst.)

It's almost as if Kerry is not against Americans meddling, but against Americans who have a different worldview from him meddling.

Except unlike Kerry Trump was not even truly interfering. He neither condemned Merkel in moral terms, neither he dictated a course of action to her. He merely expressed his opinion her politics have been wrong for Germany -- which is far less than what Kerry has done on numerous occasions.

Kerry on the Maidan barricades, March 2014
Kerry on the Maidan barricades, March 2014

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