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The Activist Globohomo US Diplomats Who Hate Trump, Ukraine, and Russia

John Solomon of the Hill just penned a seminal article for people who want to understand how widespread the hate for Donald Trump is inside the State Department. If it was one or two activist diplomats, the problem would be easy to remedy. Unfortunately, Ambassador Yovanovitch is a symptom of a much greater problem that spread like cancer inside the agency.

With over 400 vacancies, the agency is now overfilled with Clinton activists and the remnants of a once vibrant diplomatic corps that will take years for the US to rebuild.

<figcaption>Ambassador Bill Taylor has a classic case of Cuck face</figcaption>
Ambassador Bill Taylor has a classic case of Cuck face

After three years in office, the State Department problem Donald Trump has is catching up to him in spades. The US State Department as it exists today was staffed by Hillary Clinton ahead of her failed presidential bid.

When political activists masquerade as diplomats forging their own policies that stand in the face of the US policy and standing, the world becomes a very dangerous place. Today, State Department activists work hand in hand with the Intel community’s deep state to embarrass the United States and the executive branch they supposedly serve.

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Bill Taylor’s Private War

According to the NY, Times Taylor said “So during my meeting with Secretary Pompeo on May 28, I made clear to him and the others present that if U.S. policy toward Ukraine changed, he would not want me posted there and I could not stay.”

 Taylor was so disturbed by the direction the new Ukrainian president was taking by honoring the troop pullback Ukraine just signed in Minsk, he went to the frontline after it started and demanded it stop.

Bill Taylor tried to cause Ukraine to break its agreement with LNR, DNR, and Russia and resume the conflict. Ambassador Taylor demanded nationalist volunteers patrol the areas they were supposed to leave according to the agreement signed by all parties.

So, here’s an ambassador to Ukraine worried about changing the policy toward Ukraine and at the same time trying to intensify the conflict because he doesn’t like US policy.

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Ambassador Bill Taylor told the Ukrainian president how he needed to handle internal policy because the Ukrainian president didn’t align with his view of policy.

It’s no wonder when one looks at Taylor’s testimony, he lies about a Russian invasion that Ukraine clearly says never happened and he knows as little about current events there as Alexander Vindman did.

Vindman is also “deeply troubled by what he interpreted as an attempt by the president to subvert U.S. foreign policy.”This is the same proof Taylor offered in his testimony.

If Ambassador Taylor, on the basis of 4th or 5th hand hearsay is willing to try to impeach the president he serves, the big question is- “why?”

According to journalist Tracy Beanz “UncoverDC can report that although it has been scrubbed almost entirely from the web, William Taylor spent several years on the board of a Ukranian NGO called EEF, or the East Europe Foundation, that has a strong partnership with Open Cities Association. Open Cities Association is funded by “Open Governments Partnership” which accepts large amounts of funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.”

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Bill Taylor was in the employ of George Soros, the self-described nemesis of Donald Trump. If his political views are so extremely removed from the Oval Office, how could he accept the position?

Ambassador Bill Taylor, far from being the exception to the rule made himself the poster-boy for the new Nazism in Ukraine. Right after Ambassador Yovanovitch was replaced, the Embassy of the US in Kiev changed its online logo to a World War II, NAZI banner. If this was the only instance, it should have been enough to fire Taylor and the entire embassy staff.

This black and red symbology isn’t just any NAZI flag. This particular iteration was flown by the Bandera OUN extermination camp torturers and lever pullers during World War II. Flying the OUN blood and soil colors on the US banner is no different than flying a Swastika as the US embassy logo in Israel.

This tweet celebrating the massacre at Babyn Yar by the US embassy is an insult to all the families in Ukraine except those related to the OUN criminals that committed the massacre. This gives great insight into Bill Taylor’s motivations.

In a country where tens of millions of families have relatives that were brutally murdered under this particular NAZI banner, what does that say about the US embassy staff in Kiev?

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This flag was flown by Hitler SS Divisions from the border region with Poland under the OUN. They went across Ukraine as punisher battalions cleansing the region of people that didn’t support the Nazi cause. Like today, the Ukrainian nationalists murdered and tortured civilians that didn’t support their political goals.

This banner is flown by the Ukrainian Diaspora when Ukrainian Americans protest outside the White House.

Where is the outrage? If there is none, let’s be Frank. You’ve already forgotten. In every death camp, the chief offenders marched under this banner. You forgot.

The Ukrainian nationalists Bill Taylor celebrates on his embassy logo were so brutal in their work and in their political thought, Michael Wittmann, Gaupshturmfyurer SS, one of Nazi Germany’s most famous tank commanders says this about the OUN Ukrainian nationalists that flew this banner.

“What are Ukrainians- a feral Russian that for the idea of gaining the Ukrainian state is ready to kill even his Frau (wife, woman). They are the perfect fighters against the Red Army. But after that, they are subject to a total cleansing(destruction) because they are the worst type of barbarians.”

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Today, this is the flag of Ukraine’s nationalist Dimitry Yarosh and Pravy Sektor’s ultra-nationalism. Ukrainian nationalism offers the same barbarity the German SS complained about.

The blood and soil banner is a direct message to the Ukrainian people and Russia. To tens of millions of Ukrainians that voted for Zelenskiy, this message is clear. There will be no change. Ukrainian nationalists will keep control of the state and their lives and memories of WWII heroes that died fighting Nazism are worthless. To Russia, it is a slap in the face to all its war veterans and their families.

To Lugansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic the message under Piatt, Yovanovitch, and now Taylor is clear. Ukraine’s nationalists will remain unrestrained and the murder and torture they inflict will go uninvestigated. The lives of people in Donbass and Russia are worthless to them.

Ukraine’s plan is to give the people of Donbass one or two months to leave if they gain control. Then, after that, they will cleanse. At the bottom of this article, take a good look at what that means.

It sends the message that the US will support nationalist murder and torture without regard to people or diplomatic resolution.

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Stepan Bandera

Ambassador Taylor also frequents the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations (CUSUR) which is a forum set up by post-war Ukrainian nationalist Diaspora in the US to discuss policy. Taylor has been a fixture there. Before you accuse me of being unkind to this Ukrainian expert, there’s one name on the steering committees he seems to esteem.

Ambassador William Taylor changed the US banner at the embassy to the war banner of a Nazi war criminal whose people were responsible for millions of deaths and who swore allegiance to the Nazi cause.

When you look at the steering committees at CUSUR, the one red flag name that stands out is Stepan Bandera.

RTI: Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood Steering Committee–Stepan Bandera.

RTII: US/Ukraine Strategic Partnership Steering Committee– Stepan Bandera.

To any serious diplomat, this should be an issue considering the suffering Ukrainians are still going through under Ukrainian nationalist hands.

Taylor’s politics are so tainted he is making US-Ukraine and Russia policy to suit his beliefs, not reality.

While at the US-Ukraine nationalist forums and in Ukraine, William Taylor works with Valentyn Nalyvaichenko. He is a Ukrainian senator at the Rada and 2nd in command of Dimitry Yarosh’s nationalist groups.

The entire time Nayvaichenko was helping to design US-Ukraine policy, Pravy Sektor’s Dimitry Yarosh was behind the curtain moving Ukraine policy. While that’s not Taylor’s doing or his fault, instead of cleaning the mess, he dove into it.

So, whose banner did Taylor raise over the US Embassy in Kiev? It belongs to Dimitry Yarosh and the OUN US Diaspora. The following video is graphic. A man is murdered. This is Pravy Sektor showing Ukrainian nationalism at its best.

Source: The Saker
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