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ABC News Continues to Spread Fake Russian 'Red Line' Warning to US, Because Why Not?

A 'joint statement' released by 'Iran and Russia' on Sunday was quickly identified as a hoax. More than a day later, ABC News reported it as official Kremlin policy

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Here's a good way to distinguish yourself as a news outlet with zero credibility: Take a weird Arabic tweet that was dismissed long ago as fake or meaningless, and peddle it as an official statement from the Kremlin. 

This is exactly what ABC News has done, because why not? War is good for ratings. 

<figcaption>Cool Kremlin statement — in Arabic, on twitter</figcaption>
Cool Kremlin statement — in Arabic, on twitter

The trusted American news network is clinging to a tweet that was probably written by a pro-active Hezbollah fighter, and passing it off as official Russian policy in Syria:

So according to ABC News, Russia is threatening to blow US airplanes out of the sky — and their source is an Arabic tweet. No statements from the Kremlin? Or even anonymous sources confirming it is 'unofficial' Russian policy?

Come on. 

This bizarre saga began on Sunday, and unfortunately your very own Russia Insider is not without sin. Multiple sources spanning the entire spectrum of media, from Reuters to Zerohedge, reported on a 'joint statement' released by Russia and Iran, in which the two allies warned that the US had crossed 'red lines' in Syria and that there would be a military response if such lines were crossed again. 

We naively fell for it, but after five hours of waiting for confirmation from the Kremlin, retracted:

(Sadly, 'Kremlin trolls' are not immune to human error.)

We suppose ABC could get away with saying it was a statement issued by Hezbollah (but again, even this claim is unverified). However, they took a slightly different approach to this 100% not true story:

The moral of this story: If you correct an error after five hours, you are "fake news". If you broadcast an obvious lie 24 hours after it's been debunked, you are "responsible journalism".

Isn't life swell? 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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