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70 Years of European Peace... Not Counting Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc

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Progressives claim that the existence of the EU is justified by virtue of the fact that there has been peace on the continent for more than 70 years. An impressive feat at first glance, but dig a little deeper and this argument falls apart immediately.

The reason there has been “peace” for 70 + years in Europe is because following WWII the European nations found themselves greatly diminished on the international stage. The early 20th century imperial ambitions that lead to war on the European continent have disappeared not because of the EU, but because European nations do not have the economic or military clout to act as Imperial powers anymore. That role has been taken over by the United States of America which has acted in a belligerent manner initiating military conflict dozens of times since 1945. The illegal Vietnam war alone killed millions of Vietnamese.

Even though European nations have thus far avoided war with each other, the EU has supported military conflicts elsewhere that have resulted in massive death and destruction. The peace on the continent has been accomplished as nations directed their warmongering ways outside of the continent allying with America to commit war crimes in the Middle East beginning with Iraq.

ORB International, an independent polling agency located in London, published estimates of the total war casualties in Iraq since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 at over 1.2 million deaths. Are we to celebrate the fact that the killing fields are now littered with non-Europeans?

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Does that argument really justify the existence of the EU?

While it is true that European countries have not intervened in European politics, since 2002 the EU has intervened abroad thirty times in three different continents. France, Italy and the U.K. intervened militarily in Libya where thousands died and continue to die in a civil war that was triggered by this naked aggression.

The proxy war against Syria using vast numbers of Islamic jihadists to overthrow a tolerant, secular government was given the seal of approval by the EU. This nefarious affair has resulted in a protracted war that has destroyed dozens of Syrian towns and left millions without homes. The EU also gave backing to a series of false claims by America of chemical gas attacks on civilians in Syria. This support emboldened the U.S. war hawks to continue with their murderous ways under cover of bureaucratic approval.

More recently, France and England have provided military hardware and weapons in support of the ghastly war being waged by Saudi Arabia against the starving people of Yemen.

All of the above should prove rather conclusively that the EU is not a peace-loving entity; it is an accomplice in crimes against humanity. At the very least it should be held accountable or better yet disbanded for the sake of future peace.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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