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4 Years In, Ukraine's Economy is a Wreck - Some Jarring Numbers (Russian TV News)

"Many millions of its citizens have left the country in search of a better life."

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Here is what the neocon's 'democratic' coup has wrought:

The currency is worth less than one-third of what it was before. Average salary, less than half of what it was and the same goes for the GDP.

All tech jobs that once promised opportunity have now vanished. 

Foreign investment is now less than one-third of what it was before the revolution that sought to sever the country from Russia and economically unite it with the West. The irony being that Russia is still the major investor in Ukraine's economy. 

All of this being said, the Ukraine is now a failed state with a growing demographic crisis due to a large-scale exodus of people seeking a better standard of living elsewhere. 

Clip taken from Russian news agency with transcript below.



If we evaluate the results of the new government, they’re simply disastrous for the country. In the year before the coup, the GDP was estimated at $180 billion, in 2017 it’s expected to be half as much, $90 billion.

The average salary in the country was more than halved, from $408 per month to $196 last year. The exchange rate of the hryvna fell three and a half times, from 8 to 27 per dollar. As the main high-tech enterprises are destroyed, the economy acquired a colonial structure.

More and more raw materials are exported, being nearly 80% of exports. Half of this is agrarian. Total export volume fell by 57%. Foreign direct investment fell by at least four times, from 6 billion a year to one and a half. That’s practically nothing. And out of this nothing, however, most of the investment still comes from Russia.

The national debt has been increasing all the time and has now become difficult to be paid back. It was 64 billion dollars which then became 80 billion. Many millions of its citizens have left the country in search of a better life. Some of them went to the West, some to Russia. The health system and the education system have deteriorated.

The system of legal proceedings as well. Corporate raiding became the norm. Corruption increased. The country broke into pieces.

Poroshenko and his team deceived everyone: the West, and Russia, and their people in terms of the country's prospects, the practices of the new government, and the Minsk Agreements.

This week, a military offensive was launched in Donbass, and two small settlements in the gray zone, that is, on the demarcation line, were occupied.


“We can see the consequences of the fact that the armed forces of Ukraine occupied the village of Gladosovo. From there, they’re now firing at the residential quarters of Gorlovka.”


They don’t even hide the fact that they were ready to go farther if they hadn’t been stopped.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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