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4 NATO Nations Now Training Poroshenko's Army

US, Canada, Great Britain and Poland

KIEV, April 20 (Ukrinform) - The Ukrainian army, apart from the U.S. military, will be trained by the servicemen from the United Kingdom, Canada and Poland.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has said this in Lviv at the opening of the Ukrainian-U.S. joint drills “Fearless Guardian – 2015″, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“It is symbolic that on the 70th anniversary of victory of Anti-Hitler Coalition over Nazism, frontier of civilizational battle for the future of Europe and the world is laid in Ukraine once again. The hybrid war with Ukraine, which is being conducted, will decide whether the norms of international law will act, whether the borders will be integral. We are not alone in this fight, now apart from American partners, Britain, Canada, Poland joined us. We hope that together we will win this fight,” Poroshenko said.

The President thanked the US military for their coming to share experience, and noted that their visit is a symbol of a new stage of cooperation between the United States and Ukraine.

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