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Canadian Government Lied about Confrontation with Russian Fighter Jet

Canadian television personality Rick Mercer calls out Canadian government for fabricating confrontation with Russian military

This article originally appeared at The Huffington Post


Rick Mercer slammed Jason Kenney for possibly making a false claim that the Canadian navy was confronted by a Russian fighter jet in the Black Sea. The statement was adamantly denied by NATO earlier this month.

Since then, both have stuck by their versions of the story.

The defence minister claims the Russian fighter jet buzzed over the HMCS Fredericton at a low altitude as a sign of aggression, but is unable to provide details of the event. On the other hand, NATO claims no such event took place, reports the National Post. NATO says the Canadian ships were actually overflown by surveillance aircraft at high altitudes.

"I have an outrageous question—who’s lying here?" Mercer asks.

When contacted by the Ottawa Citizen, the defence department passed on all inquiries to NATO.

"But I guess, when it comes to the little things in this world like committing troops, going to war, or getting into a size contest with Vladimir Putin, it’s okay to play with the truth," rips Mercer.

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