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Sahra Wagenknecht: Russia Sanctions Only Good for the US

The German MP and vice-president of The Left party explains cutting economic ties to Russia suits US, harms the EU and devastates Ukraine

This article originally appeared at Sputnik. It was translated by Tom Winter at Fort Russ

The Ukrainian economy is on the edge of collapse not just on account of the war in Donbass, but also — and in the first place — because of efforts by the West to destroy the cooperation of the country with Russia, declared the German deputy and vice-president of the Left Party Sahra Wagenknecht, in an interview with news agency Sputnik.

“The Ukrainian economy has been seriously shaken; the heavy industry concentrated mostly in the east exports what it produces to Russia, not to the EU, where it will never find fluid markets. Russia was its one market. If you cut the economic links with it, Ukraine will have no prospects.”

According to her, Ukraine has a real need to “reintegrate a common economic space,” a space that does not exclude economic cooperation with the EU, without the price of confrontation with Russia.” For Sahra Wagenknecht, “Kiev would do well to work in both directions.”
“Ukraine needs peace, investments, re-industrialization. But the conditions now prevailing, notably in the framework set by the IMF, do not favor this evolution of matters. These conditions will not do anything but stifle the country,” affirmed the Bundestag member.
Asked about the policy of the US, Ms Wagenknecht let it be known that the priorities of Washington were economic.
“When the US talks about democracy and human rights, they are just thinking about their economic interests, including the chance to exploit energy resources. Ukraine is no exception. It is public knowledge that the US vice president’s son is a board member of a Ukrainian energy firm. Also known is that American corporations, as well as British ones, have evinced a lively interest in developing Ukrainian shale gas. Further, agricultural consortiums have evinced an interest in getting access to Ukraine and its fertile soil. What is Ukraine good for? Exploitation. I very much doubt that this policy corresponds to the good of Ukraine's population.”
According to her, the sanctions decreed against Russia mostly profit the US.
“These measures primarily impact the European economy, the German economy. In contrast, the situation suits the US perfectly. The US has never had substantive trade exchanges with Russia.”
"One knows that the US has every interest in driving Russian gas out of Europe, to be able to replace it with their own shale gas, at much greater cost. We see that it is a matter of concrete economic interest. I think that Europe ought not show itself to be so stupid as to act contrary to its own interests.” declared Mme Wagenknecht. 
And to conclude? “The economic sanctions go against the interests of Europe.”

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