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Russian Duma Responds to US Congress' Call for War

Russian MP proposes the Duma re-authorize Putin to send the army into Donbass should Obama heed the calls of US lawmakers to arm Kiev

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On March 23 the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly voted to adopt a resolution calling on President Barack Obama to immediately provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons. First Deputy Chairman of the “Fair Russia” party Mikhail Emelyanov says that if Obama approves H.Res.162, the Russian parliament shall return the right to send troops into the territory of Ukraine to President Vladimir Putin.

"We believe that our parliament should not ignore this statement (by the U.S. Congress - ed.). If the United States actually commences supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, we should not hesitate to begin supporting the "militia", including by [the supply of] arms and reinstating the president's right to send troops into the territory of Ukraine," Kremlin's RIA Novosti news agency cites the lawmaker.

According to the representative of the Putin's regime, the Russian Federation cannot "allow turning Ukraine into an international militant honed against Russia," calling the decisions of the U.S. congressmen on arming Ukraine 'provocative'.

"The United States is trying to arm Ukraine at all costs ... to prevent Russia from developing into a new superpower," Emelyanov said.

In February, Mikhail Emelyanov called to place "Ukrainian government in exile" in the Donbas, repeating the 'wishes' of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, who also argued for such a scenario.

On March 1, 2014 the Russian Federation Council considered the appeal of Vladimir Putin on the use of Russian troops in the territory of Ukraine, which was supported by the senators. On June 25, the decree was revoked.


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