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Poroshenko Looks to Reignite Conflict in Transnistria

The Presidents of Ukraine and Romania agreed on joint measures to revive the "frozen" conflict in Transnistria on the border to the Odessa region


This article originally appeared at fit4russland. Translated for RI by Kristina Aleshnikova

Poroschenko announced in a briefing on the outcome of a meeting with the Romanian President Klaus Werner Johannis, "We paid special attention to events in the Republic of Moldova, in particular Transnistria. We came to an agreement on the coordination of joint action in Transnistria. With the goal of bringing the 'frozen'  conflict back to life, so that independent Moldova can regain its territorial integrity and can reintegrate Transnistria."

Twenty four years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

How did the so-called unrecognized republics, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Transnistria, come into being?

As one after another the former Soviet Republics gained their independence and were assimilated into the United Nations, no one in the world questioned the legitimacy of the rights of the new subjects of international law. Thus the independent republics of Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan came into being within the borders of the erstwhile Soviet Socialist Republics.

The earlier autonomous republics within these former Soviet republics, who did not agree with this development, tried to win recognition for themselves. This only brought them war. Interestingly enough, each one of these autonomous republics won their own war, albeit only de facto. De jure they won the dubious status of "unrecognized" republics, which status they are constantly trying to cast off. With the help of 'nice Western democrats', "unrecognised"  means an economic blockade. There is a blockade from Moldova’s side as well as from Ukraine causing suffering among the people of Transnistria.

The result of the referendum in Transnistria was predictable, not only for the authorities in the Transnistrian capital Tiraspol, but also in Chisinau and Moscow as well as many other cities in Europe and overseas.  More than 90% of the population confirmed their desire to continue building an independent state. In 1992 genocide of the Russian-speaking population led to a war where more than 1,000 people died. Romania (EU) supplied arms to Moldova. Only the intervention of Russia ended the war.

Transnistria lies along the east bank of the Dniester between the territory of Moldova to the west and Ukraine to the east. The capital Tiraspol has around 150,000 inhabitants and is located in the south of the country, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Odessa (Ukraine). Armed nationalist organisations have been concentrated on the border between Transnistria and Ukraine for a long time and recently countless NATO "trainers" have been seen there.

With Romania a NATO state is involved and there are more than 1,000 Russian soldiers stationed in Transnistria

Poroschenko agreed a common course of action with the president of the NATO state Romania against the Autonomous Republic of Transnistria, which had secured its independence from Moldova in the 90s already. After the blockade of Transnistria from all sides is already in full swing, they now want to take military action against the people in this area and put pressure on the country. However their army is a different caliber despite the missing land connection to Russia. Transnistria and also Gagauzia (Autonomous Region of Moldova) know how to defend themselves. They have proved this on more than one occasion. Poroshenko says here completely openly and honestly that he "wants to revive this frozen conflict"!

Poroshenko the warmonger, paid for and sponsored by the US, will stop at nothing in order to ignite as many wars as possible. Whoever is not allowed to make war in Eastern Ukraine can try it in Transnistria, can’t they? It should be quite clear that Poroshenko is again acting on orders and the EU should be alarmed. Because with Romania you are involving a NATO state and there are more than 1,000 Russian soldiers stationed in Transnistria.

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