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CNN Can Now Advocate for War against Russia

Russian authorities issue broadcasting license to CNN International

MOSCOW, March 24. /TASS/. Russian regulatory agency in the sphere of mass media and communications, Roskomnadzor, has issued a universal broadcasting license to CNN International, a source at the satellite channel told Izvestia daily.

"It’s true that we received a license for television broadcasting in Russia over a period of ten years on March 23," the source said.

<figcaption>CNN received a 10-year license. That's a lot of wars!</figcaption>
CNN received a 10-year license. That's a lot of wars!

Alexander Zharov, the director of Roskomnadzor, confirmed the fact the license had been issued.

"I welcome the CNN’s strict abidance by the agreements that were reached at the talks (on the resumption of broadcasting - TASS) and I believe the company will be as precise and immaculate in its content policy," he said.

CNN has broadcast in Russia as part of a package of the NTV Plus satellite operator but Turner Broadcasting Systems Europe (TBSE), which manages the CNN European versions, informed the partners in November 2014 it would suspend transmissions on the Russian territory as of December 31.

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