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Luhansk Republic to Respond to Kiev's Military Actions in Case of Direct Aggression

The leader of the self-proclaimed republic noted that Kiev will be unable to launch a surprise offensive

MOSCOW, March 23 (TASS) - The self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) will respond to Kiev’s military actions only in case of direct aggression, LPR head Igor Plotnitsky said on Monday.

"It is necessary to try and preserve peace as long as possible, but in case of aggression, we will respond, in accordance with the Minsk agreements that stipulate that we can respond," Plotnitsky said.

<figcaption>LPR head Igor Plotnitsky (Center)</figcaption>
LPR head Igor Plotnitsky (Center)

However, the leader of the self-proclaimed republic noted that none of the sides in the Donbas conflict will be able to launch surprise offensive.

Plotnitsky said Kiev’s moves to blow up bridges are unlikely to have the goal of resuming military actions.

He also noted that the self-proclaimed republic sees no point in withdrawing from the Minsk agreements.

Commenting on his participation in the possible election in the republic, the militia leader said it is early to speak about it.

"Any elections, including the early ones that Petro [Poroshenko] wants to initiate, should be agreed with us under the Minsk agreements," said Plotnitsky.

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