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Anti-Government Protestors in Serbia Carry Putin's Portrait, DPR Flags

Protestors called for greater cooperation with Russia and for a stop to EU and NATO integration

Thousands participated in a protest march in Belgrade against the Serbian government headed by the Premier Aleksandar Vucic. Protestors voiced their discontent with the Serbian government and the decision to appoint former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as the advisor to the Premier Vucic. Blair was the vocal proponent and the leader of the NATO alliance that bombed Serbia in 1999.

Demonstrators demanded a stop to the Serbia’s EU and NATO membership and a U-turn to Russia, annulment of the Brussels agreement, end of cooperation with IMF, revoking the signing of the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP), restoration of salaries and pensions to their previous level and media freedom.

<figcaption>Support for Putin in Serbia</figcaption>
Support for Putin in Serbia

They demanded early parliamentary elections and announced that this is the first in a series of protests the goal of which is embodied in tumbling government by the end of the year.

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