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A Serb view of Partnership Action Plan with NATO

From Brussels we hear here in Serbia, the signing of the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) is a "new phase in relations with NATO." While Ivica Dacic and Bratislav Gasic issue PR proclamations applauding themselves though, many Serbians are dissenting. Here's the other side of the coin. 

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The dictatorial government that rules Serbia is leading our people into ruin. Slowly but surely we leave military neutrality and become just another puppet state, a pawn in the greater game of western hegemony. We’re a  puppet country with  a puppet government. Unfortunately for us, the government can defend its argument that NATO membership was chosen by  the vast majority of our people, but here with us, many are now ashamed to be Serbs.

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic and Defense Minister Bratislav Gašić signed the so-called IPAP, or the Individual Partnership Action Plan with NATO. It should be carved in stone here that in 1999 the North American Treaty Organization did commit war crimes against the Serbian people.  NATO killed Serbian civilians at the bridge in Varvarin, on the train in Grdelica Gorge, NATO destroyed Aleksinac, and sewed cluster missiles at the center of Nis. These,  and countless other crimes by what many Serbians feel was a fascist Western military alliance, including the murder of small Milica Rakic ​​from BT, these events burn still in our hearts and minds, not to mention  in the historical annals of the suffering martyred Serbian people. While the good Mr. Dacic proclaimed to news people the other day; "NATO's bombing no obstacle to cooperation," for many people here who lost familyand in those bombings,  their memories are not so short. Neither would they be if NATO bombed New Jersey or Paris. 

<figcaption>Courtesy the author</figcaption>
Courtesy the author

Historically, NATO intervention in my country, together with other human catastrophes like the withdrawal through Albania in 1915, Jasenovac concentration camp in WW II (image below), persecution of Serbs from Kosovo and from the Croatia, they’re not to be forgotten so easily. We all know that the “winner” writes history, and the puppets of the West's victory back then assume all transgressions in the world are forgotten once Washington stamps them “over.” This is not the case for hundreds of thousands, nay millions of people. As our current leaders plot to appease western designers, many Serbs feel the West premeditated, organized and planned destroys Serbia. We also feel that every government of the 2000s onwards has worked against the interests of the Serbian people. The “special” methods NATO and the so-called “West” have applied in warfare against us, or neocortical warfare, it’s been underway for some time now. For those of you who’ve no idea of this new battle front, neocortical warfare is a battle for the “conscience” of a people, to change their way of thinking, acting, and living.

Jasenovac concentration camp
Ustaše militia executing people over a mass grave near Jasenovac concentration camp - Public Domain

The world we see playing out like some Hollywood drama today, it’s in large part a function of this “new consciousness” war. The objectives the perpetrators seek are achieved by various means such as: media propaganda, HARP systems that affect brain waves, recruitment of students and then politicians, and so on. It is the grooming of politicians though, which has destroyed the strongest opposition party in Serbia, the Serbian Radical Party. After 11 years of drumming on Vojislav Seselj in the Hague after being accused of everything from being a madman to the reincarnation of Hitler, the end result of his tribunal has been the ascension of Vucic and Nikolic and the foundation of the SNS or the Serbian Progressive Party.

These "Progressives" have succeeded in gaining the vast majority of votes, and in instituting what many feel is a totalitarian government here. So, at this point a great many Serbs are asking, “how is it possible that tandem Nikolić- Vucic could wins so many votes? The answer is fairly simple, and not unlike in neighboring NATO influenced nations, the Serbian nation was brainwashed. The same situation actually occurred after October 2000 is when the masses toppled Milosevic from power. Slobodan Milosevic was not, God rest his soul, a politician without fault. On the contrary, his policies during the nineties were desperate. However, what is crucial is that Slobodan Milosevic was “a” bastion of defense against Western aggression against Serbia!

Serbia and Kosovo
As you can see the formerly neutral militarily Serbia (green) and the disputed territory of Kosovo (light green) sits in the middle of a crucial region of Europe - via Creative Commons & Maplab-logo.svg

When he was toppled, puppet political leaders had him extradited to the Hague Tribunal, akin to the Soviet gulags, where Serbs are concerned. All those who fought against NATO were extradited to the "Court" including heroes like General Pavkovic and Lazarevic. Make no mistake, Kosovo we lost long ago, and the only thing left to lose for a great many Serbs is their soul, souls determined not to completely subordinate ourselves to the Western powers. Poor Serbia, even though you're broken and humiliated, stand up and lift up your heads! It’s time reveal the traitors to Serbian vital national interests, to abandon them an seek justice once and for all.

A second question for Serbs is; “At what price did the traitors to Serbia; Vucic, Dacic, Gašić, Nikolic and others, forfeit our independence? Once again, the answer is fairly plain to see. They sold Serbia as a footstool for NATO and the Western powers to rest in the middle of eastern Europe upon. What an irony! That Serbia’s greatest enemies in the past would come to rule instead of to “peace keep” within our borders. But everything is clear today. The West’s phalanxes failed to actually militarily defeat Serbia back when, so therefore “special” warfare has been employed these last years. First, the reduction of our military service, and then it is  scrapped altogether. For years, Serbia applied policy of reducing armaments, not unlike all NATO serfs and pawns, as every nation theirin must lean on America for policing and protection. The degradation of our self defense capability is most evident in the Air Force, which does not purchase new aircraft, nor educate new pilots. And those pilots who do remain loyal and ready for the test?

Recently a MiG-21 pilot committed suicide because he could not feed his family. This, even as officials beg for more resources and finances to support such personnel. All this is happening right before the eyes of the military leadership, which is silent on the situation in the army. They, like their Romanian, and Hungarian counterparts, wait patiently for their NATO orders. Mmilitary-political commentator Miroslav Lazanski, he dares to speak about the real situation in the army of Serbia. While on the other hand, the regime's military analyst Aleksandar Radic has in terms of an agreement with NATO that says

 "In these agreements, there is no mystery, and they serve to simplify customs and border procedures, as well as the conditions of transit through Serbia, when, for example, foreign soldiers come here for a joint military exercise or some other occasion. When a country with a sign such an agreement, then they have the same rights and our troops in that country. "

Meanwhile Serbia as a whole is in a state of decay economically and as a society of human beings. The birth rate in Serbia is getting lower and lower. Serbs will very soon be a minority within their own country. Like many other lands nearby, the goals of the West are being played out, one-by-one in a seeming aggression against what is means to be Serbian. War is being waged on all fronts. Serbia serves as a model for the West Ii as a training ground for preparation before what many think will be a premeditated attack on Russia. Of course as is always the case, leaders from the west miscalculate the strength of that great bear. In a moment of sobriety though, it might be a good idea to remind you, the Russian Federation has offered a loan to Serbia for the procurement of new combat and transport aircraft. Even though our authorities have rejected such help, it is a significant footnote.

Finally, every single day so many of us feel we are being distanced from the true friends, brothers by language, by religion and in culture. As to my reference to helicopter crashes, when Mi-17 was lost and seven people were killed a press conference was held. Chief of Staff General Diković, alond with his subordinate officers, they took responsibility for the tragedy. However, the Commission's findings are still kept confidential. How can this be? No one has been held accountable? No one has been ousted from office? No one would have died had the Russian offer of assistance for new choppers had been accepted!

Serbia joining NATO will put our country in the direct crosshairs of our friends in Russia. Our foreign and domestic policies are headed for a catastrophe, and we can only pray if worse comes to worse, that Russia does not hold a grudge against former friends. Of course, everything has its limits. If and when Serbia joins NATO as another banana republic, who could blame the Russian bear for losing love for his brothers across the Black Sea? For many in my land, the only way to avert a real catastrophe is some manner of revolt against the perpetrators of this great betrayal. As it was with Milosevic we must protest our wanting of a legacy that serves our people, and not the growing beast threatening all the Balkans at once. For Serbia to survive at all, the soul of our people needs to prevail over even the worst brain washing machine. 

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