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Morales: "Bolivia Ready for War with US"

Evo Morales is calling for a united resistance of Latin American countries against US aggression

This article originally appeared at Gegenfrage. Translated for RI by Paul Dunne

In the event of a US invasion of Venezuela, Bolivia would side with Venezuela.
So said Bolvia's president Morales during an emergency session of ALBA, and
called on other Latin American heads of state to draw closer together.

<figcaption>A true leader</figcaption>
A true leader

Bolivia's president Evo Morales warned that the USA would pay a high price for
any act of aggression against Venezuela.  He also called on US President Barack
Obama to apologize for the recent announcement that Venezuela presented a
threat to the national security of the USA.  Sputnik reported him as saying
further that his country was ready to fight against the USA.

"Bolivia is the beloved child of Simon Bolivar and is ready to fight for
this land and to fend off any act of aggression by the United States against
Venezuela", the news portal Noticias24 reported Morales as saying.  Apparently
he made this announcement during an emergency session of the "Bolivian Alliance
for the People of Our America" (ALBA), an economic and political alliance of
nine Latin-American states.

"In view of a threat such as this, this is the perfect moment for us to draw
even closer together", the president said.  He added that he would prefer tor see
the USA as a true defender of peace and not as a country that maintains its
global hegemony through force.

"I want to tell you that this unity (ALBA) should be strengthened, because I
really believe that the United States fears a democratic, peaceful and economic
liberation of Latin America and the Carribean." Morales further said.

Bolivia's president has been extremely critical of Washington since  the failed coup attempt in 2008.  Morales himself has held the Bush administration directly responsible for giving the go-ahead to the coup.


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