The First Spring Flowers Are Blooming in Moscow!

Moscow State University's Pharmaceutical Garden invites everyone to admire the first March flowers

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The Pharmaceutical Garden, part of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, offers visitors a serene escape from the daily bustle of city life. And now is the time to enjoy the beauty of the first spring flowers!

The garden's roots harken back to the reign of Peter the Great, who ordered in 1706 that a garden be established for the purpose of growing medical plants. By the beginning of 19th century, hundreds of plant species had been collected. Today, the Pharmaceutical Garden is one of the most beautiful spots in Moscow. 

The pictures below show the first spring flowers already in blossom. Snowdrops are the most vivid symbol of spring in Russia. In total, there are four kinds of snowdrops growing: snowdrop Voronov, "Folded" (from Crimea), snowdrop "Elwes" (Eastern Black Sea coast) and "Snow".

Elveze snowdrop (Galanthus elwesii)

 Crocus - a flower with surprisingly beautiful and delicate petals.

Spring (Crocus vernalis)

Orchids are fussy flowers and accustomed to living in a different hemisphere. In Moscow these flowers grow under lamps controlled by botanists.

Orchids (Paphiopedilum micranthum) Where: In the Palm House in florariume near the swamp with carnivorous plants

A video of the Pharmaceutical Garden, taken by a drone. 


There is always new exhibitions in the museum. Until the end of march there is “Tropic winter festival” featuring orchids and carnivorous plants - they are waiting for you in the Palm House!

Сactus blooming in the tropical greenhouse

Upcoming events include the 14th annual Spring Flower Festival which runs from April 18 until May 31.During this time, guests will be able to see the garden and take pictures of sakura, magnolia, lilac, tree peonies, rhododendrons, apricots, cherries , plums, apples, pears , daffodils, and thousands of tulips and many other plants. 

The Pharmaceutical Garden has an open park and also two greenhouses with a collection of flowers and plants. It's a peaceful place in the center of Moscow! 




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