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Ukrainian NGO Report on Kiev ATO Casualties: 6,305 Killed, 2,520 MIA

Ukrainian Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers publishes a detailed UAF casualty list

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The Ukrainian Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, a non-governmental organizations, published a list of names of UAF casualties (which includes the losses by volunteer and territorial battalions as well) suffered in the course of the so-called ATO.

To make long story short, the numbers are as follows:
Killed in Action: 6305

Wounded: 1454

Missing: 2520
The missing are presumably deserters, prisoners taken by Novorossia, or soldiers who were killed but whose remains were either not recovered or not identified. The low number of wounded soldiers seems odd, but it may be the number of severely enough wounded to require hospitalization and/or evacuation. Light wounds could be treated by brigade medical personnel without the casualty becoming officially or unofficially reported, and the soldiers themselves may be concealing their wounds from own parents so as not to inflict additional stress on them.


<figcaption>From the report.</figcaption>
From the report.

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MORE: Ukraine

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