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Merkel's Planned Absence from Victory Parade a Heads-Up to Kiev Regime

Merkel 's snubbing of the Victory Parade's 70th anniversary is just a small part of a much larger trend of re-writing the history of World War II

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This article originally appeared at Sputnik

The German Chancellor demonstrated sheer hypocrisy when she scolded Japan's leadership for not "[facing] up to their wartime past" last week, underscored Finian Cunningham, an author and prominent expert in international affairs, pointing to Merkel's decision to snub the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Soviet Union in Moscow.


"For a while the German chancellor was lecturing Japan on its legacy of imperial crimes, however, it emerged that Merkel had decided to snub major forthcoming commemorations scheduled for May 9 in Moscow to mark the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Soviet Union," the expert noted.

The move will obviously underpin the reactionary neo-Nazi Ukrainian regime as well as its attempts to whitewash the hideous crimes of the German Nazis in the Second World War, he emphasized. Moreover, Merkel's snub of the Moscow war memorial is in fact a part of an alarming trend of re-writing the history of World War II – the heinous crimes of Nazi Germany and its covert Western backers – and silencing the honorable achievements of the Soviet Union that liberated Europe from fascism.

Approximately 30 million Russians sacrificed their lives in the fight against the Third Reich and its war machine. "Up to 90 per cent of the German Wehrmacht's total war losses were incurred on its Eastern Front against Russia," noted Finian Cunningham, stressing that this figure alone indicates which among the wartime allies – the USSR, Great Britain and the United States – played the key role in the historic defeat of Nazi Germany.

"It was Russia that won that war, despite Western vanity which purports to elevate their role beyond an objectively marginal contribution in the vanquishing of Nazi Germany," Finian Cunningham reminded.

Commenting on her forthcoming non-attendance, the German Chancellor referred to the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine and Russia's alleged interference in the country. However, by actually boycotting the May 9 Victory Day in Moscow, Angela Merkel is equating political concerns over Ukraine to "what is truly a momentous milestone in the 20th Century" – the defeat of a genocidal regime in 1945, the expert underscored, slamming the move of the German leadership.

While revisionists are re-writing the history of World War II, lessening the atrocities of German Nazism and airbrushing out the heroic role of Russia, the United States and its Western allies are extending their geopolitical campaign of economic sanctions and NATO militarism in Europe aimed against Moscow. Ironically, the campaign is being spearheaded by Western-backed neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine.

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