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Ukrainian BMP Runs over Mom with Kid in Konstantinovka (VIDEO)

The Ukrainian military narrowly escaped lynching


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In Konstantinovka, Donetsk region, after the accident involving a BMP and the death of 8-year-old child, enraged residents threw stones at the armed column.

[Ukrainian media is complaining that the angry residents (called separatists below) threw stones at Ukrainian military vehicles after an accident involving a BMP (in fact BMP running over a mother with two children standing on a sidewalk, one of the kids - a baby in a stroller! - KR]

The accident occurred on March 16 at 14.30 at the intersection of Kalinin and Lomonosov in the area of the 5th hospital, reports "Province".

"First, everyone saw a military flatbed truck with people speeding through the street, followed by a BMP. Then suddenly, at the intersection the BMP swerved sharply to the left and knocked down signs, traffic lights, a street pole and a woman with kids standing on the sidewalk", - said the publication.

A child [girl] 7-8 years old, died on the spot.

As a source in the city reported to the "Observer", a woman with a small child in a stroller was sent to the trauma department - with injured feet (ran over [by the BMP]).

According to the source, among about 200 local residents, who almost instantly gathered at the site of the accident, approximately 50 had a very "radical" attitude. They threw stones at UAF vehicles. Some of these residents of Konstantinovka were previously seen at separatist rallies.

Also the source said that police did not react quickly to the explosive situation. Nobody "thought about putting up a cordon".

The military narrowly escaped lynching: there was a scuffle. According to the source, one of the soldiers surrounded by an angry mob was forced to get his gun out. However, it ended without any further complications.

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