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EU Member States Struggle to Agree on Renewing Sanctions against Russia

Some EU members are weary of continuing sanctions war

This article originally appeared in The Moscow Times

The European Union's 28 governments have not reached an agreement on renewing economic sanctions on Russia that expire in July, a senior EU official said Friday.

<figcaption>...Relations returning to normal?</figcaption>
...Relations returning to normal?

EU leaders are due to discuss sanctions on Russia, imposed over the Ukraine conflict, at a summit next week. Some EU member states are pushing for a decision now on extending economic sanctions on Russia due to expire in July.

"What will be the final point we will see in the Council [summit] but I don't think there is unanimity at all for the rollover of sanctions, the sanctions that are due in July," the official, briefing reporters on condition of anonymity, said.

A majority of member states will probably say discussion of whether to renew the economic sanctions should wait until July, he said.

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