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Former Czech President: Maidan Not an Authentic Uprising

  • Former Czech president Václav Klaus said that Russia was forced to respond to provocations started by Kiev and Europe
  • This is not the first time Klaus has defied European talking points

This article originally appeared at Privni Zpravy. It was translated for RI by Anthony Grulich

“I belong to a minority of politicians, reporters and intellectuals, who believe that the pressure came from the West. From this point of view, culpability does not lay with Russia. That, what Russia did from my point of view is a reaction and a coerced response", the politician stated.

<figcaption>Ex-president Václav Klaus</figcaption>
Ex-president Václav Klaus

In his own words it was really the USA, which provoked the conflict in the Ukraine by facilitating the organization of the events of Maidan.

"On one side the uprising was born from people’s dissatisfaction with the situation in the Ukraine. On the other side there was intervention from foreign countries, Loans to Ukrainian non-governmental organizations. That, which happened afterwards on Maidan, was not an authentic people’s uprising but an uprising organized by the West" Václav Klaus said of the Maidan.

Klaus also declared that the cold war is already underway and its cost too high. He criticized Ukrainian politicians that they, in his own words did not commence with any meaningful negotiations and are attempting to resolve everything using force, whilst not their own but foreign.

The politician noted that the Ukraine always was “a fragile and divided country". The former Czech president cannot in his own words imagine that the Ukraine after “thousands of victims and enormous damage" could continue to exist in its original form.

„During the course of splitting Czechoslovakia I knew that we must carry out everything on our own and without outside interference. At the same time we had to act quickly, otherwise people like Albright (former Secretary of State USA), or Genscher (former Minister of Foreign Affairs DE) would come and start advising us on what to do. The Ukrainians themselves must find a compromise solution. The rest of the world must without doubt assist, but acceptable compromises are not dictated from the outside" answered Václav Klaus to a question on the possible further course of developments in the Ukraine.

Václav Klaus also expressed his doubts about the idea of Russian military being present in the Ukraine. In his opinion, if that really were the case, "the Americans would be announcing this everywhere every day". The former Czech president labeled such information as ''hearsay and conjecture".

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