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Russia to Hold First 'Gold Mining Championship'

This summer Russia's mineral-rich Far East region of Kolyma will hold a competition in mining gold

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MAGADAN, March 5 (TASS) - A gold mining championship will be held for the first time in Russia’s Magadan Region, Governor Vladimir Pecheny said on Thursday. The winner will receive 1 million rubles (around $16,200), the regional government’s press service quoted Pecheny as saying.

"The gold mining championship will spur interest in Kolyma [region in the Russian Far East], the gold symbol of the country," Pecheny said.

<figcaption>Pure gold as it is | Photo: Yevgeny Yepanchintsev, ©ITAR-TASS</figcaption>
Pure gold as it is | Photo: Yevgeny Yepanchintsev, ©ITAR-TASS

It is planned to order uniform trays for washing gold from sand in order to put all participants in equal positions. The idea to hold the championship was already supported by several gold producers.

"Businessmen suggest to set the prize fund at 1 million rubles. Those who come in second and third will get somewhat smaller sums," chairman of Magadan Region’s Association of Soil Use Alexander Basansky said.

The first stage of the championship will take place in June 2015 among Kolyma residents. The second stage will be held in July in Magadan, during the International Investment Fair. People from other regions may take part in the competition as well.

The Magadan Region is one of the leading Russian regions on gold mining. In 2014, around 24 tons of gold and 960 tons of silver were produced in Kolyma.

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