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Ukrainian TV Staged an Interview with Actor Posing as Bus Massacre Victim

Espreso TV is an internet TV station, a subsidiary of Hromadske TV, both of which were founded in support of EuroMaidan protests in late 2013 and are funded by embassies of the Netherlands, the US and George Soros


This article originally appeared at Die Nieuwe Realist. Machine translated via Google Translate

On January 13, detonated an explosive device near a bus, just for a Ukrainian checkpoint at the site Wolnowacha, near Donetsk. According to the Ukrainians were the separatists who did it, according to the separatists were Ukrainians, and then there was the possibility that a citizen stepped on a landmine.

<figcaption>Are you ready? Let's start! "...First there was a whistle..." | Photo: still from the video</figcaption>
Are you ready? Let's start! "...First there was a whistle..." | Photo: still from the video

On surveillance video shows how there were the left and right of the road explosions.

Immediately after the horrific event, in which twelve people died, was released a video in which the effects were seen.

Innocent civilians in a bus. Horrible. But who did it?

To win the propaganda war over this attack, Kiev made a movie where she filmed a wounded woman who says that the decision were the separatists. Ready made for television.

But also the full version of that movie came online. In addition, you can see the stage directions of the camera crew. The woman talked too much. That was not credible. No, they did not have too many details and so on. The movie was first recorded in Ukrainian, then in Russian. Ready for different audiences.

At the end it is clear that it was fake partly at least.

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