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Kiev Plants Explosives on Bridges to Crimea

Poroshenko employs the "Bridge on the River Kwai" strategy

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RI's Alina Belyanina has translated the following report:

Two road bridges over the Strait of Chongarsky which share the Crimean peninsula and the Ukrainian peninsula Chongar were mined by Ukrainian law enforcers, Interfax reported, citing the press services representative of the Russian FSB border management in the Republic of Crimea.

<figcaption>"You shall not pass!"</figcaption>
"You shall not pass!"

The mining of the current bridge on the road between the border crossing points "Dzhankoi" (Russia) and "Chongar" (Ukraine), as well as mining of the old bridge, which is currently not used, was fixed by border guards on February 17.

It was specified by the press service that Ukrainians have laid 42 green wooden boxes to the bridge abutments.

Ukrainian security forces did not stop traffic on the active bridge during the mining – because it was crossed by transport and by the pedestrians, crossing the state border.

In total, there are three road checkpoints that are functioning on the Crimean site: "Dzhankoi", "Armenian" and "Perekop" (on the isthmus connecting the Crimean peninsula to the mainland)



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MORE: Ukraine

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