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Popular Russian Political Activist: Who Killed Boris Nemtsov and Why?

Nikolai Starikov deconstructs the Boris Nemtsov murder

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Translated for RI by Anastasia Smurova. Edited by Valentina Kiselev

In each story there is always a beneficiary. In politics, nothing happens "just like that". And even more so, no political assassinations happen "just like that". 

<figcaption>Starikov is a prominent writer, journalist and political activist</figcaption>
Starikov is a prominent writer, journalist and political activist

In order to understand who would benefit from the death of Boris Nemtsov we need to analyse two things - known details of the`crime and the history of similar late incidents in Russia.

Then everything will become clear. We'll start with the details.

On February 27, 2015 Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in Moscow. 

Here are the known details of the crime.

1. On the eve when opposition march scheduled for March 1, one of its organizers gets killed. 

2. Nemtsov was killed right besides Kremlin.

3. He was murdered cynically - in front of witnesses. However, the girl he was with was not killed and was left as a witness.

4. The girl is from Ukraine.

5. The murder takes place February 27 - two days before the president of Russia proclaimed this day as the celebration "Day of special operations forces." People start call this "the day of polite people."

6. On the other side of the bridge, where Nemtsov was shot,  there is Bolotnaya - area where the strongest opposition protests of 2011-2012 took place.

7. All of the Western and Russian liberal media is filled with photos of a dead body and place of his death "in colour". Kremlin towers at the background.

Let's summarize: it would be difficult for Kremlin to come up with more unfortunate place, time and the murder scenario should Kremlin be considered the initiator of the tragedy.

There is no answer to the question: why "bloody regime" would kill Nemtsov. Nemtsov’s political rating was sharply negative. He has consistently failed all federal elections he participated in throughout his political career. He also lost his Sochi Mayor campaign. His only achievement - electoral victory in Yaroslavl regional Duma. Yaroslavl deputy parliament (with all due respect to this glorious city) for the politician of the federal scale is not a victory, rather an honorable pension, just as for Yavlinsky his work at St. Petersburg marriage registry office.

Now let us remember our recent history. (I wrote about it in 2009).

The events that happened back then are very similar to the circumstances of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Several mysterious deaths of the “opposition" leaders took place one after another, for which Western media and our "freedom fighters" instantly accused Russia and Vladimir Putin personally. First mystery in this series of deaths was the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London, ostensibly from "polonium poisoning".

The murder was committed in a manner that no sane criminal would apply. Polonium "path" leads directly to Alexander Lugovoi, whose extradition was requested by the United Kingdoms in violation of Russian Constitution. UK receives denial and in turn flatly refuses to provide the investigation materials to Russia in order to prosecute suspect in Russian Federation if need be. The second part of the show - the ritual murder of Politkovskaya on Putin's birthday. 

Yet again, we see an amazing thing - Litvinenko, who could no longer speak, suddenly whispered to his lawyer that Putin is guilty of his death. In Politkovskaya's case, from the media coverage it immediately becomes apparent to all “progressive democratic community" here and there that poor woman was killed as per Putin’s order

Almost six years passed since then - there is still no single evidence of the Russian authorities involvement in Litvinenko's death. Neither there is trial, nor sentencing. All the information was limited to hysteria and unsubstantiated allegations. Throughout 2009-2010, all liberals and all the Western media were simply screaming of Russia's and its President's quilt in the death of Litvinenko. And Politkovskaya, too.

In order to completely understand the death of Nemtsov, we also have to recall the circumstances of the death that nearly happened around the same time in 2009 ... Yegor Gaidar.

Let me remind you: that very day after the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London took place, in a close proximity, in Ireland, Yegor Gaidar suddenly fell ill from an unexplained disease. The symptoms of the disease that struck him looked like a classic poisoning: severe vomiting and nose bleeding for 35 minutes.

Yet another crime of "bloody regime" there, right? But something went wrong - the victim survived. Where the ex-prime minister should find himself afterwards? After what happened to Litvinenko? Of course in the best hospital of the United Kingdom, under heavy guard of incorruptible British police. But Gaidar knows better. Barely recovering himself, the very next morning (!) he demanded to be sent home immediately. He instantly left for Moscow, not even waiting for the results of his medical tests. 

If we assume, like Western media did, that it was an assassination attempt by Russian secret service, then Gaidar's actions are close to idiocy. Instead of staying in a democratic country, where he supposedly would be protected, rather then staying in the first-class London clinic, Yegor fled to Russia, closer to the very "bloody regime" that has just supposedly organized his poisoning. Why? To minimize his supposed killers' efforts? 

Should we continue to consider Western media version, then Gaidar's behavior would seem totally strange to us. And vice versa - it all becomes logical and reasonable if we give up on it. Gaidar was well aware that a campaign to discredit Russia had launched and adding his name to the list of the mysteriously dead "freedom fighters" was not in his plans. To him it was absolutely clear that once he goes to a wonderful London or Dublin hospital, he would never exit it alive. That's exactly why he left to get his treatment in Moscow so quickly and decisively. He knew that only so-called "bloody regime" will keep him perfectly safe

Upon his arrival to Moscow, Gaidar immediately made a statement that Kremlin had nothing to do with his health problems. Exactly the same statement was made by Anatoly Chubais. There were no other health problems with “Russian reformer". There is no any mystical explanation of what happened to him in Ireland - Gaidar died his natural death much later.

So who needs the death of Russian opposition leaders? For Russian authorities it only brings harm, direct damage. Informational campaigning, allegations, rallying the enemies of the Kremlin, the opportunity for the West to blame and demand, spoiled our image worldwide. Same with the case of Nemtsov’s murder. Poroshenko  has already accused Russia in the death of "the best friend of Ukraine" in his interview to Ukrainian TV.

Why would Russian authorities do it if Nemtsov himself is not dangerous, his party has negative rating and opposition event scheduled for March 1 in Moscow has clearly exhausted even prior its start? After all, the other two main "opposition locomotive leaders” are definitely missing the event. Navalnyi is detained for 15 days, Khodorkovsky stays by Geneva Lake and is not going to visit Russia. Yet the opposition event organisers "suddenly" decide to hold the event in a distant Moscow residential area...

Back in 2009, I described principles and reasons of why "revolutionaries" curators kill their wards. They make them victims of ... expediency.

"The logic of the killers is solid. They select to murder those who are currently heard, who loudly criticise the authorities at the moment. At least they should loudly criticise Ramzan Kadyrov… Then an assassination follows. The corpse is always demonstrated, even if the victim is kidnapped. And the verdict is always readily available. Western TV will clearly explain - government in Russia kills it's critics. What would be the reaction in the West following such notions? Right - fear. And they are ready to believe anything. For instance the notion that 08.08.08 Russia the terrible sent by-inveterate criminals to attack small Georgia. Do you still believe that the West has no benefit from deaths of those who are so fond of it?

Hence the advice to "human rights activists". Dear you, we need you to be alive. Say, you hate your country, and get funded by various ways from the West. We need you alive. Please, understand that Russian government will never kill you. With your "human rights activities" you will never inflict so much damage to your homeland as with your premature death from hands of the killers. I beg you - do not criticise Russia and its leadership on the eve of important international meetings. Take care of your life. Do not give a reason to your foreign partners choosing you as a sacral victim! Follow the example of wise Yegor Gaidar. Once there was an attempted poisoning there, there was no word of criticism spoken by him“.

Let us repeat:

Western curators of Russian "freedom fighters" are always ready to sacrifice them, if their death will benefit them more.

Cynical? Extremely. But this is politics, at its highest international level. No sentiments.

The most important question is: how the sacral victims are appointed? Three criteria:

1. Victim's death should be resonant.

2. This death should bring more benefits than life and "struggle" of potential sacral victim.

3. Before being killed, victim must make a number of high-profile "accusatory" public statements, which will enable them to blame Russian authorities in such murder.

Does Boris Nemtsov fall under all of these criteria? Alas, yes. His death caused great resonance, he was unable to win elections at the federal level. What about his public statement?

There was one. Just two weeks ago, Boris Nemtsov gave an interview to “Sobesednik” magazine. The headline immediately "explains" who killed Nemtsov February 27: "I'm afraid that Putin will kill me."

The small article quotes the words of Boris Nemtsov about his mother being afraid that Putin would kill her son for no reasons. How could Boris Nemtsov give such an interview? Did he loose his former grip and sense?

"A well-known politician Boris Nemtsov fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin will doom him for his opposition statements. The known politician has not expressed his concerns until now and shared those only with the closest person - his mother, but finally decided to share it publicly- via"Sobesednik" magazine”…

Short text - all in one. Interesting article ending: ”Nemtsov says hello from him and my mother to Dmitryi Bykov”. The response of the interviewing journalist is as follows: “Thank you, we will convey your “Hello”. I hope the same common sense will prevail and Putin will not kill you. "

February 10, 2015 Nemtsov gives his fateful interview. Almost at the same time, Alexei Navalny is making every effort to ... get himself in jail. Violates Law, cuts his bracelet, distributes leaflets in the metro without prior due notice to authorities and - bingo - gets retained in jail for 15 days. And note (!) all of this so that the eve of an opposition rally on March 1 he become unavailable for potential assassins. Besides, prior the start of his illegal actions, he also said a lot of similar things, that could potentially "explain" why he was shot at the street or by the entrance.

Interestingly enough, in December of 2012 Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin covered the topic of so-called "sacral victim" technology that is used by our geopolitical rivals.

But the "opposition leaders" consider themselves smarter than anybody else. They think that their masters in the US and the UK will always love them. Probably gobies standing in the stall, are also convinced that their Master will always feed them and scratch behind the ear, yet all the talk of sending them for slaughter is an empty chatter.

What else can I say?

Killing a person is always disgusting, even if this person's views do not coincide with yours. But hypocrisy and double standards are not less disgusting. Especially when the tears and condolences are poured just for those whose views coincide with the political position of Washington and Brussels.

The tenth of such tribulation, poured today on Nemtsov's death from mainstream media, online opposition leaders' blogs, of heartfelt words of the West would have been enough to prevent deaths of a large number of women, children and elderly in Donbas. If one-tenth of today's resentment, grief and sympathy would be exercised in respect of little Vanya from Donbas, who got shot by a Ukrainian missile, the war there would have been stopped, and people would cease to die ...

P.S. Have just received a letter from one of my readers:

“Whilst watching 'Russia-24' in the evening I suddenly got a 'ticker' about the murder of Nemtsov. 25 minutes later, I decided to turn to Euronews TV channel and there was a story about Nemtsov! Usually, any report from Russia comes to Euronews with some delay (1.5-3 hours), but there it was, instantly."

In 1905, after the shooting on "Bloody Sunday" in St. Petersburg, printed leaflets about that shooting and thousands of victims were instantly distributed. Leaflets were printed in advance...


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