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China to Build a $300 Million Satellite Tracking Station in Argentina

Argentine parliament approves the project reportedly part of Beijing’s Moon program

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BUENOS AIRES, February 26 (TASS) - Argentina’s Congress has approved Wednesday the installation of a Chinese satellite tracking station in one of the South American country’s regions. The measure passed the lower house with 133 votes in favor and 107 votes against.

China plans to install a satellite tracking system in the Neuquen province, investing $300 million in the project that is said to be part of Beijing’s ambitious Moon program. The station will become operational in 2016.

<figcaption>Argentina shoots for the moom, with China's help | Photo: Charlie Riedel, © AP Photo</figcaption>
Argentina shoots for the moom, with China's help | Photo: Charlie Riedel, © AP Photo

Argentina will, however, receive access to the station’s 35-meter antenna for its own research projects.

The lawmakers that voted against the installation questioned the possible military use of the base.

Last October, Argentina became the first Latin American country that launched its first domestically built geostationary communications satellite ARSAT-1. It provides several telecommunications services, Internet and telephony in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

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MORE: China

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