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Withdrawal From Debaltsevo: From Truth to Lie in 50 Seconds

Watch how quickly the German media tries to cover up the truth

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What does a Western journalist do when he accidentally tells the truth about Ukraine? In less than a minute he claims it to be the lie created by Russian propaganda machine, and then returns to peddling tales. A perfect example: ZDF's special reporting on weapon withdrawal from Debaltsevo.

This article originally appeared at the Propaganda Show. Translated for RI by Anita Zalaldinova.

<figcaption>Never enough propaganda</figcaption>
Never enough propaganda

ZDF special: ‘Withdrawal from Debaltseve’ (February 18, 2015)

The title alone makes it clear which governmental party the propaganda channel ZDF brazenly supports here. What would we care about the Interstate Broadcasting Agreement? ‘Anyway we get our money from the stupid sheep which we politically and ideologically (mis)lead’, think the leaders of the PSB.

And just as the title brazenly anticipates the propagandistic intention, it also shows the content that the agitators of the ZDF want to bring the citizens into line with again, instead of presenting the information.

After all, host Fornoff states naively that the Ukrainian troops were encircled in Debaltseve – without being obviously aware of the political implications in as much as his colleague Walde who babbled about the ‘territorial gains of the separatists’ a few days later, as we have shown here. One can assume that the reporting of Fornoff hailed the protests from the Ukrainian side.

It only takes Fornoff a few seconds to divert from a reality, which is bitter for the Kiev junta and its Western supporters, to blank allegations and flawless propaganda. He cheekily claims after 50 seconds:


The separatists have invented the facts with the overt support of Moscow. Now the question arises whether the painstakingly negotiated second Minsk agreement is really still valued’.

Of course, Andreas Stamm does not have the slightest evidence for ‘Russian intervention’. He presents the relevantly known Stefan Meister, a propagandist of the transatlantic German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), who in turn claims that there was a Russian intervention, for which, of course, but he has no proof.

Watch out! Here comes a very special trick. As you can present no evidence yourself, as the largest secret intelligence service and the largest military alliance in the world are not able to provide even a shred of reliable evidence, bloggers, who only yesterday were the taxi driver or pizza delivery, perform as experts (sometimes a bit of controversy is appropriate), and now they have developed their own personal military ‘analytical tools’, which can supposedly demonstrate that NATO and the US has failed so far. It would be funny if it was not so serious.

The rest of the article is a rough translation.

DGAP blabber Meister wants to manifest the inability of the West to prove its own war propagandistic allegations by explaining that you would really rather have no evidence, because otherwise you would probably have to interfere. All clear?


The consequences for the European Union and the West would be equally serious. So if you you ... We would admit there is no conflict in which Russia is directly involved and, uh, it would  have to lead to probably military consequences, uh, it would make the Europeans, eh, to impose much tougher sanctions or take muuuch tougher ac ... actions, um, and I think that noone actually wants these consequences’.

At such moments you can’t let yourself stutter! Meister is paid by large corporations and the German government and can say such grotesque nonsense in public broadcasting being completely unquestioned. That would mean nothing else except: John Kerry did indeed have evidence of Russian intervention, but he’d better leave it for himself and make unproven claims for public idiots like Colin Powell in the UN. Not to be obliged to deliver weapons to Ukraine, or what? How stupid does Meister think the German audience actually is? And why is such a twaddler allowed to spread such nonsense in the PBS paid by the citizens? It is pure grotesque going on here – totally ridiculous. And Maulhure Fornoff stands in the studio and claims on the basis of this ‘solid evidence’ again an ‘overt Russian support’  to the world.

After this incredible brainwashing it keeps going in the same direction. Now Ralf Fücks from the Böll Foundation is presented. Böll Foundation is mainly to blame for the war in Ukraine, as its members, including Fücks’ wife, Marie Louise Beck, Rebecca Harms and others, have been doing subversive work for years to drag  Ukraine to the EU.

You must compare this ‘interview’ of grovelling Fornoff, acting as a stooge, only once with the interview of his colleague Walde with Bernd Riexinger to realize that they are a world apart. On cue from Fornoff Fücks must claim proved a completely blank assertion of military support from Russia.


Is there for you any doubt that Russia intervenes massively?’


'I think not a  single reasonable doubt can exist. That follows from the weaponry systems that are now being used against Ukraine. These are all highly modern weapons, tanks T 72, mortars, remotely controlled missiles. This requires professional soldiers... ‘

Modern T72! All clear? Remotely controlled missiles? The Ukrainian army uses ballistic missiles, but it is not known that the separatists do the same. Maybe they have captures something like that in Debaltseve. At least the ammunition, which fell into their hands there, should be enough for some campaigns.

To make the mockery of the viewers perfect, the ‘interview’ by Fornoff with his ZDF colleague Walde is broadcast at the end, so that the view of the Government on the events in Debaltseve could be presented in the best in the manner of a spokesperson.

‘Journalism’ as a farce! These highly paid and intellectually challenged agitators wipe their asses with the Interstate Broadcast Agreement.

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