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German Media Keep Believing and Spreading Propaganda Made up by Kiev

German media dutifully reports the myths of the Maidan massacre

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A year has passed since the terrible violence at Maidan. Since then the only one culprit has been named  - Russia, and the evil demon rumored to conquer the whole world soon - President Putin. And as all these stories are presented by the 'democratic' western media, people believe them without question. Although  there has been no investigation carried out, and no evidence found, people in the West are so badly brainwashed that they simply accept what they hear on radio and television.

German central TV channels have recently presented a 'new '  old story explaining the killings a year ago in Kiev. But it seems that this is just President Poroshenko is speaking on the German television, not the channel hosts.

The article originally appeared at the Propaganda Show. Translated for RI by Anita Zalaldinova.

On the anniversary of the massacre on the Maidan ARD presents a new incredible propaganda story from the house of Poroshenko. The aim of this film is to explain the reality and reasons for those events, which the puppet masters, who are now in power, do not want to refer to it for understandable reasons. But the thing is that it not only mocks the truth but mocks the victims of the events.

It is grotesque and self-explaining that there has been no serious investigation into the shooting of protesters and security forces till now. It is the key event of the militant coup. Obviously this was not the protesters whom Yanukovych made to flee. Having demonstrated for weeks and even at some points of time having been  temporarily numerous, they yet never represented even closely the majority of 44 million people. The violent coup, which all those in the West who now loudly accuse separatists or Russia of alleged law violations, embroider as a democratic revolution; this violent coup happened at the time when shooting started on the Maidan square, and the escalation that followed, violent threat to the life of Yanukovych, were caused by a gang of murderers.

Although the names of the perpetrators may not be known, the intention of their actions, the result of their actions and the unwillingness of today's ruling junta to investigate these acts are unquestionable signs to those who were killing there and are now protected. If there were even somewhat serious reasons to believe that the Ukrainian security forces who are responsible for the massacre, the current junta would - supported by the EU - held a public process. However, because the shots came from territory occupied by the protesters, there is no decent investigation, the EU remains silent about those killings, and the so-called ‘interim government’ after the coup placed a Prosecutor General into office, the fascist origin of whom suggests his close ties with the perpetrators.

Therefore everything was done to hide the real story of this massacre in defiance of great pressure from the citizens. So only the perpetrators and their backers can have the interest thereto.

To thwart everything else as complicated considerations, the Maidan oligarchs and current President Poroshenko have devised a new story that is very welcomed by the so-called journalists of ARD: ‘It was Russia!’ 

It defies any common sense, but it is obviously not too ridiculous, as it could not be foist as the latest ‘explanation’ to the German viewers by the professional liars Horst Kläuser from WDR and Golineh Atai in the daily news. Finally, there have been so many other crazy and blank stories about Russian tank battalions everywhere in the world, and so another crude tall tale will not be less enjoyable.

The rest of the article is a rough translation.

Horst Kläuser in his comment in yesterday's "Echo of the Day" argues a bit cautiously. He is, of course, aware that this is outrageous nonsense, to which there is not the slightest evidence. But his job is to manipulate the listener and this includes misrepresenting nonsense as truth, nonsense which the Kiev authorities regularly claim as transparent reasons:

What will be said in ten, twenty years bout the shots on Maidan, where over hundred of people died in the in a hail of bullets from snipers? An overreaction? A planned provocation? The last violent convulsion of the Yanukovych government? Or was it in the end even Russian secret service, which was ordered to create a climate in which the annexation of the Crimea and the subsequent armed conflict in eastern Ukraine would not seem illogical?

On the same evening ARD professional liar Golineh Atai presents the same nonsense in the prime time news. Instead of asking and searching for the answer why there have been no investigation on the occasion of the anniversary, Atai blabs the newest Poroshenko’s fairy tales in the whole world. What could deter the so-called journalist from going to the prosecutor's office and ask questions? Why could Atai’s colleague from ZDF Anne Gelinek, who travels regularly from Moscow to Brussels, not take her lazy ass today to Brussels and ask why there is no any pressure from the EU members on the candidate country Ukraine to clarify this massacre?

Golineh Atai: ‘President Poroshenko blamed the Russian secret service for the mass murders on Maidan. A power ... an advisor to President Putin had commanded the special units a year ago here on Maidan, he said’ (Mediathek, from 6: 25min)
Image icon atai_maidan_poroschenko.jpg
Golineh Atai lying again

You have to look only at Atai’s face expressions and stuttering to understand that she knows that this is a complete nonsense, that she is lying there in front of the millions of German viewers in the world.

Later in the "tagesthemen" Poroshenko is presented to viewers in person, trumpeting another insane lie to the world. We remember about the allegedly destroyed Russian tank battalions, of which no one has ever got even a speck of dust on his face and Russian invasions that have taken place only in the tangled head of the oligarchs and the liars media of the West.

Poroshenko: ‘The Attorney General has finally gained access to the recordings of telephone calls from ex-President Yanukovych with representatives of Russian secret services. Imagine: together, yes, together they prepared the shootings on Maidan’ (Mediathek, from 7:56min)

This must not be underestimated that this propaganda would not be bought by citizens, who have been fed with the lies, concealment and distortion, and have been incited against Russia by the Western media for months. Even if a properly informed and reasonable man can recognize Poroshenko’s self-protection lies immediately, propaganda will not lose its effect on the mass of viewers, and it has been working very effectively in the German and European politics for months.

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