Ukraine Death Toll Near 50,000, Says Major German Daily

According to official figures, the war in East Ukraine has killed 1,200 soldiers and 5,400 civilians. But German security circles think it may be almost ten times as many

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Russia Insider broke this story back in October when we suggested that the death toll in Ukraine (especially among killed Ukrainian troops) was being significantly under-reported. As it turns out, German intelligence agrees with us. This article originally appeared at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

German security circles estimate that so far up to 50,000 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians may have been killed in the fighting in the east of the country. That's almost ten times as many as last officially stated. The official figures are clearly too low and not considered credible. Small numbers of victims would be reported after heavy fighting, when there must have been actually been dozens of deaths.

<figcaption>Off to the meat grinder...</figcaption>
Off to the meat grinder...

In Munich, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko gave the number of war dead in Ukraine as 1,200 soldiers and 5,400 civilians.

He differed from the previous estimate of the United Nations. They had last spoken of 5358 deaths, while counting the dead reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. This was a "conservative estimate". We assume that the actual number of victims is "significantly higher". 

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