More Childish Idiocy from the US Intelligence Monstrosity

There's a report out that some US intelligence outfit came to the conclusion in 2008 in an “analysis is solely based on videos of Putin's public actions, dating back to the year 2000” that Putin may have Asperger's Syndrome. Solely based on videos. I wonder how many hours that took. The conclusion, needless to say, is that this makes Putin even nastier than you already thought he was.

As RI's resident oldtimer, I was immediately reminded of an earlier piece of obsessional fluff from the US intelligence structure. One of my bosses asked me what I thought of a report from, I recall, the CIA, that Putin was a homosexual. This “analysis” was based on his reputed fondness for the color blue. (the color goluboy – sky-blue – is Russian slang for homosexuals). My answer was that I had never seen or heard anything about Putin's favorite color, that the whole thing struck me as a gigantic edifice constructed on the head of a pin and to forget about it. And what difference would it make anyway?

She took my advice and as far as I know this nonsense disappeared into the vaults.

This Asperger's Syndrome stuff is just more American taxpayers' money wasted by silly people in the gigantic and rather ineffective US intelligence monstrosity.

Rather than fantasizing about Putin, the hundreds of thousands who toil there would be better advised to try and understand, for example, why Russia and China are so friendly these days. Or how a neat little regime change in Ukraine turned into such a disaster. Or why every war the US gets into leads to the next one.