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Strelkov: UAF Units Defecting to NAF, Debaltsevo Cauldron Under Way

The dust hasn't settled yet, but all reports seem to suggest that the Ukrainians have suffered a massive defeat

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We've been closely watching the latest developments from the NAF's "winter surprise," and while it's still hard to say exactly what the situation is on the ground, we feel comfortable reporting that things are not looking good for the Ukrainian Army and its punitive battalions. 

Strelkov, who is world-famous for his no-BS demeanor, has written on his VK page that UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) units have defected to the NAF (Novorossiyan Armed Forces) and are now helping to mop up what's left of the Ukrainian Army. If true, this would be an absolutely remarkable turning point in the conflict. 

Just as incredible are the numerous reports suggesting that the NAF is in the process of encircling approximately 7,000 UAF troops at Debaltsevo; some are even claiming that the cauldron is complete, with UAF troops surrendering or attempting to flee. 


Even Ukrainian government officials have confirmed that around 200 UAF soldiers have been captured. 

This all seems to corroborate a story at Club Orlov, which suggests Ukrainian forces have suffered huge losses and are panic-stricken. 

If you have any updates on the situation, please share them in the comments!

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MORE: Ukraine

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