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Map: Novorossiya Prepares Cauldron for Kiev Forces

Novorossiya launches a surprise winter offensive. Fighting in three different sectors

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This article originally appeared at Nororossia Today. It was translated by Greg Butterfield at Red Star Over Donbass

As you can see, the Armed Forces of Novorossiya have begun an offensive all across the front line. Some 8,000 troops of the fascist Kiev junta, along with their vehicles and ammunition, are surrounded in the cities of Debaltsevo (Дебальцево) Svetlogorsk (Светлогорск) and Uglegorsk (Углегорск). 

In the center of the map, you can see arrows representing the forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics connecting over white areas. 

The top of the map shows the army of the Lugansk People's Republic moving to surround the forces of the Kiev junta in the cities of Schastye (Счастье) and Stantsa Luganskaya (Станица Луганская). There are at least a few thousand fascists with their vehicles and ammunition.

The bottom of the map shows the army of the Donetsk People's Republic surrounding the fascists in the villages and city of Mariupol.

This tactic [known as “the cauldron”] is known since the Second World War, when our troops nullified fortified enemy positions by isolating them from the rest of the enemy army. At the same time, the enemy is under constant attack across the front line, so it cannot move troops from one part of the front line to another.

Our forces used this old tactic, allowing them to surround and capture enemy vehicles and ammunition as payment for the lives the fascists have stolen.


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MORE: Military

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