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Can You Karate Chop a Flaming Concrete Brick with Your Skull? Join the Belarusian Special Forces!

A completely insane photo gallery of special forces training in Belarus 

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This article originally appeared at Business Insider

The Agence France-Presse recently tweeted a couple of photos of what can only be described as excruciating displays of strength and focus by Belarus Interior Ministry special forces.


Training for the Red Beret also requires the completion of multiple obstacle courses in adverse conditions.


Generally, tests are done without any safety measures in place. Here, a soldier jumps over a burning tire.


The obstacle courses are just as much about endurance as agility. Here, soldiers pop in and out of smoking concrete craters.


Orthodox Christianity plays a major role for the Belarusian army. Here, a trainee marks the Epiphany by jumping into a freezing lake east of Minsk.


Soldiers often take part in religious observances during training and drills. Here, they kiss an Orthodox icon.


Although most soldiers are deeply Orthodox, the pagan holiday Maslenitsa also plays a prominent role in the military.


Feats of strength are a primary component of Maslenitsa.


Interior Ministry soldiers in the  put on shows to display their physical prowess.


Aside from tests of strength, soldiers also take part in agility demonstrations.


Here, soldiers display their endurance and tenacity by holding formation in the freezing weather for Maslenitsa.


In Soviet style, Defender of the Fatherland Day is also a major event in Belarus. Here, a soldier throws a log as part of a competition.


As part of the celebrations for Defender of the Fatherland Day, a soldier breaks a concrete slab balanced on a recruit's chest with a sledgehammer.


The work pays off. Aside from military duties, soldiers of the interior ministry routinely help bring in the harvest at state collective farms, and receive part of the harvest in turn.



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MORE: Military

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