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Ukraine Parliament Approves Mobilization Plan

Clears the way for the first 50,000 notices to be sent out

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KIEV, January 15 (Sputnik) – The Ukrainian parliament on Thursday approved a presidential decree to hold three partial military mobilizations in 2015.

“To declare and to conduct in 2015 three stages of partial mobilization within 210 days from the date of entry into force of this decree,” the document said.

According to the decree the mobilization will be conducted in Kiev and all the regions of Ukraine in proportion to their population.

Kiev earlier announced plans to begin the first wave of mobilization on January 20, the second in April, and the third in June.

During the first wave, some 50,000 people will be called to military service.

The three waves planned in 2015 could bring an additional 104,000 soldiers into the military's ranks, bringing the number of army personnel to 250,000 soldiers.

The parliament passed the decree with 268 votes from its 450 seats.

The decree also stipulates a demobilization from March 18 to May 1 of those who were called up for military service in 2014's first wave of partial mobilization on March 17.

In 2014, Kiev held three waves of military mobilization for its special operation in the Donbas.

The exact number of people called up for military service was never officially disclosed, but it was reported that in 2014, the number of troops in Ukraine’s armed forces increased to 232,000 from 130,000 the year before.

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MORE: Military

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