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Ukraine Claims Yatsenyuk Was Talking about Post-War Occupation of Germany in Soviet Invasion Remark

Credible? Judge for yourself

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This article originally appeared at Mail Online - Peter Hitchen's Blog

Readers may be interested by this reponse, kindly probvded to me by the Ukrainian Embassy in London, when I asked for their resposne to the controversy about remarks by Ukraine's Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, about 'invasion' and the Second World War to the German ADR TV station's 'Tagesthemen' programme.

It read as follows:

'After the interview at ADR Mr Yatsenyuk explained his statement at Deutsche Welle (PH's Note, this is Germany's equivalent to the BBC World Service) .

'Asked to comment on this interview and to compare the conflict in Ukraine and World War II, Mr Yatsenyuk said the following:

"We do remember the Soviet occupation after the WWII of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Eastern Germany, Baltic states. So Soviets did it for a very extensive period of time. For today, Russia decided to occupy Crimea and Russia decided to occupy the East of Ukraine. This is unacceptable. This is the violation of international law. This is my message. Russia is not allowed to violate an international law. Russia is not allowed to grab the land of an independent country like Soviets did after the WWII."

You may find the video here (watch from the 3rd minute):


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