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Russian Tank Caught Crossing into Ukraine!

 Only warm weather can stop Russia's devious tank column!

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These pictures and video came from the tiny town of Kirovskoye in Donbass, which is located almost directly on the front line between the Ukrainian Army and Donetsk Republic. Kirovskoye is controlled by Donetsk militias and has been shelled repeatedly. The mine "Komsomolets of Donbass" is located on the outskirts of the town, and Ukrainian Army shells the mine systematically - but the people of Kirovskoye haven't lost their spirit or sense of humor.

With the beginning of a new year they finally decided to show the whole world proof of Russian military presence in Donbass... In their own special way. Thus, now you know — there ARE Russian tanks in Donbass!



Svetlana's tweet says: "Ukrainians are looking for armored vehicles from Russia? Here we go — russian tanks in our towns! ))))"


The machine is formidable, but very easy to operate, so even children can do that
Brave tank commander
Time for more sanctions. QED. 


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MORE: Ukraine

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