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Mainstream Journos Heap Praise on Disputed NYT Yanukovich Piece

Did we mention this was predictable? 

That NYT Yanukovich piece has produced several vociferous criticisms on this site over the past few days, and was heatedly debated by RI editor Charles Bausman on Russia Today a couple days ago, so we thought this was interesting.

What these little web artifacts demonstrate, is just how completely out of touch mainstream journalists are with their audiences.

Ellen Barry, former Moscow Bureau Chief for The New York Times, and former boss of one of the authors, bizarrely, didn't notice any of the egregious omissions for which the article was criticized.  Like we said, these people are seriously out of touch.

With priceless comic timing, labrador retriever puppy posing as a retired ambassador, Michael McFaul, was the first to enthusiastically agree.

He was joined by Kathy Lally, who earned a well-deserved reputation for being a moron during what seemed like endless postings here with the Washington Post going back to the early 90s, and mercifully ending in 2012.  

Just google "kathy lally exile" for a running account of her buffooneries in the Exile.



The Guardian's Moscow correspondent, Shaun Walker, also got out his pom-poms. Responses to his praise were mostly negative: 



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